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About us!

Well hello there!!

Welcome to Adventures with Baby Boo Bear Blog & Boutique.

My name is Jenn.

This is me...very, very pregnant!

 I'm an almost thirty (oh gawd!) new Mom to an amazing little boy, Emmett.

I am currently on maternity leave from my job as a 911 Communications Operator in Ontario.  I also write for a Book Review Blog (Tripe J's: Books and Babes) and am the creator of Baby Boo Bear Boutique!

I love all things related to my boy.  Books, music, camping, sewing - by association I love baseball and all things baseball...and will forever, goody.  Hint of sarcasm?

I am trying to find that balance every new Mom seeks!

I am happily married to Craig, my husband of almost two years.  I am sure I will talk about him occasionally!

Oh there he is!

Like any great idea, product or BLOG an idea has to spark from somewhere, right?

My inspiration was of course Baby Boo Bear - AKA- Emmett James


Emmett James was born on December 5, 2012.  Weighing in at a whopping 9lbs 4 oz.  Life has never been the same - for the better of course!

I read, read and read some more before his arrival.  Studying various methods of parenting.  How to do things.  What to expect on a week by week basis.  Did I learn? Sure.  Did I think there were methods and ways that I would be a die hard supporter of?  Yup.

That all went out the window.

I decided to start a blog about raising Emmett because I can!  Why not share what I have learned.  The good, bad and the ugly (or poopy).  Giving an honest opinion, laugh, insight.  Whatever!

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