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The Boutique

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While shopping at my favorite local source for all things cloth diaper related I saw this great necklace.  It was designed for baby to grab and chew to keep things like hair, clothes, body parts out of their mouths.  I thought it was was also over $30!!

I knew I was crafty enough to make this myself.  So I went home, grabbed the laptop and did some research. 

Soon I had orders of finished wooden rings, organic fabric, food grade beeswax and ribbon on the way!  I sat eagerly for days awaiting my packages.

As they arrived the products started to come!  First came the Chewelry...

Then the teethers
Burp Cloths
And much more to come!
I am currently working on and reviewing designs for:
* Nursing Covers
*Nursing Pads
*Baby quilts
*Car seat strap covers
* Change pads
Our Etsy shop will be opening soon!!

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