Google+ Adventures with Baby Boo Bear: July 2013

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

What Emmett Ate Wednesday # 1: Adventure in BLW

I fell off the Wordless Wednesday train.  I just have to much to talk about and all of my "wordless" posts were quickly filling up with....well words!

I knew I needed another weekly feature along with Tushie Talk (which by the way will be Thursday this week due to my special post yesterday) to complete the blog!

Enter....What Emmett Ate Wednesday. 

WIAW (What I Ate Wednesday) is very popular in the blog world.  From healthy living to gourmet chef to people just taking pics of what they ate on Wednesday's!  Since this blog is geared towards life with a little human I decided to spin off this idea to incorporate our adventures in Baby Led Weaning (BLW) regularly!

Things to note:
1) Emmett is a pig.  He is pushing 8 months old and pushing 25lbs (and around 32 inches).  He's very healthy (according to our Dr and Pedi) and will likely be a big, big boy! 
2) Emmett is a SHOVEL MONSTER.  He literally grabs a handful, shovels it into his mouth.  Some falls from his chubby little fist and gets lost for eternity, some falls back onto his tray and some even gets into his mouth.   Repeat.
3) Emmett started purees just before 5 months and we started BLW around 6 months.  He is a very good eater.  Not all babies will be ready for BLW or the same amount of food he consumes.  Go at your babes pace and try not to compare how much they eat.  If you have any concerns consult your Dr or Pedi.
So without further adieu....

What Emmett Ate Wednesday 
Meal #1: 7 oz bottle
Meal # 2 Breakfast: 1 egg yolk cut into "fry" shape
1 banana - I give him this in two halves.  He eats some, mushes some and gets the rest in his hair, chair, clothes, etc.
Meal #3: 4 oz bottle
Meal 4:Lunch/Snack (naptime will determine when he eats): 2ish tbsp plain greek yogurt with cinnamon, handful organic apple cinnamon teddy cereal, 1/5 avocado  - also cut into "fry" shape
Meal #4 - 8 oz bottle
Meal # 4.5 - 4oz bottle before nap
Meal # 5 Dinner: 1/4 cup plain pasta, 1/4 cup mixed veggies, 1/2 spinach and chickpea patty cut into bite sized pieces
Meal #6: Bedtime bottle - tonight he ate 12 oz
This is a bit more than what he normally eats but we also think that he is at the start of a growth spurt.  He's been a pig for a few days and sleeping ALOT.

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

What My Parents Taught Me About Marriage

Tushie Talk Tuesday is getting pushed to Wednesday this week...and for good reason!

Today my parents are celebrating a very special wedding anniversary.  30 years.  30 freaking years!!

This isn't their wedding photo...I thought it was until the last minute and I realized it wasn't!  Oops!
 Before peers, reality shows, tabloids and experimenting our first exposure to adult relationships whether they are strong, broken or non-existence are from our parents.  My sisters and I are incredibly fortunate to have had such an amazing example set for us.

Whether from talking about relationships or just being a spectator to theirs for so many years I have learned a lot about marriage and love.

Share The Work

Although my Mom stayed home with us for many years my parents didn't really assume traditional roles in the household.  During the years my Mom stayed home and my Dad worked they may have but now in their retirement it isn't uncommon to see my Dad break out the vacuum or don an apron to bake a pie (sorry Dad) while my Mom watches football.

When my parents watch Emmett my Dad does his fair share, most, ALL of the diaper changes.

Marriage Is Hard Work

If it wasn't the divorce rate would be much lower.  After experiencing a heartbreak years ago my parents shared trials that they had gone through to encourage and support me.  They assured me that for the right person pushing through and working on problems would be worth it (for the record, they were right).

Never Stop Dating

My parents are always off doing something fun together.   There is often a photo posted to Facebook of the flowers my Dad picked for her from their gardens.  They have never settled or developed a rut because they have been married for so many years.

Be Friends With Your Partner

Share common interests.  Take interest in each others hobbies.

There Is Life After Kids

My parents always put us first.  They did not however let their relationship suffer because they were parents.  Now that they are retired and almost all of their kids have moved out soon it will be just them we have no worries about them finding things to do to enjoy each others company!

Money Isn't Everything

My Mom stayed home.  We lived a great life and were never without.  Nuff said.

If All Else Fails...drink wine...lots and lots of wine ;)

Or a martini...

Thursday, July 25, 2013

What's in my diaper bag: 2nd edition

I haven't done one of these for a while!  I feel like my diaper bag is getting fuller and fuller lately!  I thought it was supposed to get smaller as Emmett got older.

Now, if I am just running to the store for a quick errand or a walk around home we just grab a spare diaper, wipes and maybe a snack or bottle just in case.

We can call this the "almost 8 month old" diaper bag.  This is our actual diaper bag ready to go our for the day.  Most of the stuff is similar to the post I did a few months ago with some new additions!

Diapers...diapers...and more diapers.
I usually carry 3 CD with me or 2 shells and flip inserts if they are clean.  That white roll is a flip insert.  I don't have the flip shells I just use an unstuffed pocket.
I also have a wetbag and wipes.
I always have disposables in the bag just in case we run out.  They are usually attached to the wipes with my Wow Baby diaper strap anyways.

Burp cloth and spare outfit
While we have far fewer blowouts these days...we still have them!  Fortunately with the warm weather I can get away with just packing a spare onesie.

Food, snacks, meals, bottles...
Whatever you want to call it.  This is the most important part...according to Emmett.
For trips close to home I'm generally packing 2 8oz bottles (with the powder to make 3 or 4).  Today we also have vegetable Baby Mum Mums and yogurt drops.  Emmett isn't old enough for them yet but we follow watch the baby not the package!
If we were going to family/friends house we would have fresh fruit or veggies for a planned snack but these are easier to carry for just in case...or as bribery to keep him quiet!

Random stuff
With the nice weather I have been carrying a disposable swim diaper (for planned swims we use Bummi's CD) because you just never know!
We also have our Badger organic sunscreen.
Sippy cup.  Emmett loves water so fortunately I won't have to try and trick him into drinking it with juice!
Also Bamboo Baby toy/pacifier wipes because he LOVES to throw his toys on the ground and Bamboo Baby nose wipes...because he is still pretty congested.

Finally, the toys.
The remote goes everywhere with us.  It is a life saver.  Any toy that clips into our rings will travel!  I like using the rings because I just clip all the toys onto them and then snap it onto the diaper bag.

Sophie also goes everywhere with us.  We have two and generally leave one in each car.
Well that's it!  Our "almost 8 month old" diaper bag!
What items do never leave home without?
Is there anything that has been in your diaper bag from newborn stage?

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Baby Pancakes

For the last 2-3 weeks Emmett has been eating only solids.  No more purees in this house!  For the most part he just eats what we eat but there are occasions that I have to cook something different for him.

Breakfast has been tricky lately because he doesn't want to be fed oatmeal, I don't want his entire breakfast to consist entirely of Cheerios and he seems to need more than just fruit.

We got the okay to start Emmett on meat at his 6 month appointment from our Doctor.  Since he is very comfortable with chewing we were ready to slowly start introducing it into his diet. 

The first few times that he tried egg he wasn't a huge fan so we had to come up with ways to get it in.

Enter the Baby Boo Bear Pancake!

Emmett loves these!  Cut into fingers they are a great starter food.

Please make sure to consult with your Doctor prior to giving baby solid foods.  These are intended for babies that are comfortable with chewing motions and have tried all ingredients.

Baby Boo Bear Pancake

3 TBSP oatmeal cereal
2-3 TBSP formula or breast milk
1/2 mashed banana
1 egg yolk

Combine all ingredients in a bowl (you may need more or less liquid depending on the type of cereal you use or how big your banana was).

Heat frying pan to medium.  I used any olive oil mist because Emmett has not had any reaction to it.

Pour mixture into pan in pancake shape.

Cook like a pancake - they are ready to flip when batter bubbles.  Approximately 10 minutes.
We made 3 pancakes and Emmett will eat 1 per day.

They also freeze well!

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Tushie Talk Tuesday: Diaper Review Series Week 2

Disclaimer: I did not receive product in compensation for this review.  These opinions are my own and were in no way influenced by the company nor was I asked to write this review.

I did not think I was going to make it in time for Tushie Tuesday...but the sleep gods intervened and Emmett is FINALLY asleep!!

This week we will be reviewing:

BumGenius 4.0
Pocket Diaper
At first I didn't understand the BG love that the CD world seemed to share for them.  I hated the way that they fit Emmett.  Now as he has grown to be quite the chunk they are one of my favorite fits on him.  They have great leak protection too.

BG 4.0 allow him to get into everything!
 Things I love.
The fit - these do fit Emmett very well.  I think that the velcro fit better than the snap.  I love that these fit his chunky thighs even on the smallest setting.  They also have a great high rise.  BG are one of the only diapers we still have on the smallest setting.

Great fit!
The inserts - they have alot of sizes and snaps to customize where you need the most protection.  I have yet to have a BG leak. 

The pockets have lots of room for extra soakers.

The flaps over the pocket never ride up.  I love that because I know if I'm using a microfiber insert that it will never touch his skin.
Things I don't love.
The boring prints.  I know, I know CD should be about functionality right?  I still love a good print!  I have one fun BG print and haven't seen any others!

BG pockets only have one opening for stuffing....I'm torn on how I feel about this feature in diapers.  I LIKE that Emmett stays dry in the front because nothing escapes through the opening.  I don't like it because it does make stuffing them a bit trickier...especially with a boy and requiring a lot of padding in the front.  It isn't a deal breaker though!

I'm giving BG 2 ratings.

1: Taking into consideration ONLY functionality - 5 stars

2: Based on all aspects (hint: boring prints) - 3.5 stars...hey, as a modern cloth Mama this is important to me!

Happy diaper wearing dude!



Saturday, July 20, 2013

I'm back! I'm back!

Ohmygoodness!!  The last few weeks have been crazy!  Craig's holidays crept up fast and next thing I knew it BAM they were here.

Here's a quick recap (let's call it my Weekend Recap for the week) of what we have been up to.  Time to get this blog back to normal.  Warning...this post is photo overload.

When we left off Craig & I had just purchased our new family fun mobile!  Our trailer!  Our first destination was Grundy Lake Provincial Park where we tested this baby out.  Verdict?  We LOVED it.  It was a change from tenting but I think at this point in our lives it is a welcome one.  It was so much easier to camp with Emmett having just a few extra luxuries.

Daddy & Emmett relaxing on our campsite.
Emmett turned out to be a fantastic camper and we can't wait to take him again in a few weeks.
My fantastic brother & sister in law welcomed us home from camping with a delicious summer dinner on the patio and a refreshing swim.  We also spent some time playing with their new pups (who are growing like weeds) and some snuggle time with ours.  We left Annie at home this trip so we could familiarize ourselves with camping with Emmett AND the trailer.
We spent Tuesday at the Toronto Zoo with Aunt Katie...but we forgot our camera so there are no photos!  It was crazy hot and the splash pad was a welcome break. 
Followed by Emmett's first night at the drive in.
We decided on a spur of the moment road trip to Niagara Falls to finish off Craig's holidays.

Emmett fascinated by the view...and the giant window.
Amazing views!
Emmett made huge progress with his eating habits while we were camping and in Niagara.  He is completely on finger foods or fork fed Mommy & Daddy's meals.  No more interest in puree in this house!  He loved eating off my plate at the restaurants in Niagara.
Of course we had a swim at the hotel's pool.  Emmett as usual loved the water.

Look at those blue eyes!
On the way home we stopped at a pick your own fruit farm - and a winery of course ;).  We picked a great day to go too!  Last day for cherries, first day for peaches!  Mmmmm.
EJ didn't quite understand why he couldn't eat the fruit.
Beat the Friday traffic and got home just before the crazy Ontario storm that hit and passed just in time to have dinner and drinks with some good friends!
Finally, we finished off today with a visit to Grandma & Grandpa's and a little tree climbing
Future environment saver!
And that is all!  What a crazy two weeks we have had!  See y'all Tuesday for Tushie Talk Tuesday's #2 in the diaper review series!

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Tushie Talk Tuesday: Diaper Review Series week 1

I decided to kick of the Diaper Review Series with my favorite diaper (I promise after this week I will not be going in order of favorites).

This week we will be reviewing:

Tots Bots Easy Fit
Made in Glasgow, Scotland

Emmett loves this diaper so much he is drooling over it!
When we were starting our stash my initial draw to this brand was the fun storybook character prints!  We currently have 4 Tots Bots in our stash.  I wish we had more!
Things I love:
The fit - these diapers fit Emmett better than any other diaper.  It has an extra long Velcro piece to ensure a great fit.  We have never had a leak in these guys.  Emmett also has super chunky thighs and these fit them very well.
They are trim!  Usually I'm stuffing his fluff butt into a pair of pants.  Not with these!
The prints - so cute.  We have their versions of Chicken Little, Hansel and Gretel, Jack and the Beanstalk and Superhero.
Rocking his Lickin Chicken diaper!
AIO - All in One
MINKY - I love minky!!  Emmett's bum loves minky!  Who doesn't love minky?
Things I don't love so much:
The insert doesn't get a great "stuff" after washing and because it's an AIO it is harder to adjust the liner for a perfect fit. 
The price is a bit steep at around $25 a diaper but honestly they are worth every penny.
Tots Bots get 5 stars from us!

Monday, July 8, 2013

Weekend Recap

I hope everyone had a great weekend!   We sure did!

Craig took Saturday off and didn't work until Sunday night so we actually got a family weekend.  And a busy one at that!

Friday Emmett turned 7 months.  7 MONTHS!  Where is the time going!  He is just into everything.  He has mastered crawling and pulling himself up and is moving onto furniture surfing and can even stand for a few seconds (okay like 2) on his own!

Our big man!

Saturday we made a big investment that we have been looking into for a few months now.  We bought a tent trailer!

It will be a very different style of camping than what I am used to but I'm looking forward to the change!  Tenting will be in our future someday but while Emmett is little we decided we'd rather be up off the ground.

We went downtown to the Barrie Ribfest & Craft beer show with my sister.  We got some delicious ribs from Hogs Gone Wild and sampled a few types of beer.  We planned our visit better this year and had a much better time.  Last year Craig & I went around dinnertime and waited in HUGE lines.  I was pregnant, hot and grumpy and we ended up taking our ribs to go.

This year we got there around 2:30 and ate around 3.  Much better timing!  We got a great spot in the shade.

Emmett dancing with Aunt Katie at Ribfest.
Emmett had a blast staring at people, shaking to the music and sampling some of his Aunt's ribs.
We went back to Grandma & Grandpa's house after to cool their awesome spur of the moment "pool".
Little cold but he loved it!
Craig & I spent Sunday running around getting a few things ready for camping this week while Aunt Marianne watched Emmett.
While that's it!
Until next time...the adventure continues!

Friday, July 5, 2013

7 Product Must Haves: 7 Month Old

Seriously, where has the time GONE!?  Baby Boo is seven months old today, SEVEN! 

Today I thought I'd do a list of products I use on or for Emmett on a daily basis.  7 of them for his 7 month birthday!

1.  Anointment Baby Calendula soap.

I love this handcrafted, organic, natural soap.  It is unscented but I swear it has a nice light, fresh smell (or maybe Emmett just smells nice).  It leaves his skin so soft and I think he prefers the feeling of the bar of soap than a rough wash cloth!

2. Anointment Baby Balm.

Emmett is prone to diaper rash so a good, CD safe cream is a MUST for us.  I recently discovered this gem and will be using it until all future babies are out of CD!  I love that it is natural and zinc free!

3. Munckin Fresh Food Feeder

These are a great tool to help Emmett learn to bring food to his mouth and experience flavours outside of purees without the fear of choking!  I also throw these into the freezer for a popsicle type snack of fresh fruit for the hot, hot days we have been having lately! 

The only thing I don't like about these is the mesh gets very grimy after a few uses.  I have heard that there is a silicone version available so I think I will be looking into that!

4. Flip Stay Dry Cloth Diaper Inserts

These are a great option for CD on the go!  I just grab the inserts and a back up cover (just in case) and chuck them into a wet bag!  Much less bulk than carrying 5 or 6 AIO around!

5. Bummis Reusable swim diapers

Emmett LOVES the water and swimming!  We are at a pool or beach at least once a week!  Once the cities splash pad opens (any day now hopefully) we will be more often!  I love these swim diapers!  They get a much better, closer fit than disposables.  I paid a few dollars more than a package of twelve disposables for one diaper. 

I like knowing what is against my babies skin.  I always wonder what chemicals are added to swim diapers to keep them from bloating in the water!

6.  Small baby books.

Yes, I know that Emmett can't read.  I'm not sure he even likes looking at the pictures.  I can assure you though that Emmett LOVES to eat a good book. 

7. Aleva Naturals Tooth N Gum wipes

I love these guys!  They are a wipe made with plant based ingredients designed to clean babies teeth and gums!  Emmett isn't old enough for toothpaste yet but has his two front lower pearly whites!  We use these kind of like a toothbrush and toothpaste to teach him good oral hygiene habits!

There you have it!  My top 7 at 7 months!

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Product Review: Rockin' Green - Funk Rock

Disclaimer:  I did receive free product in exchange for this review.  This did not have any influence on my review.  These opinions are my own.

I have been using Rockin' Green Laundry Detergent since we started using CD.  I spent a lot of time looking into detergent because A) we have very hard water and B) I was terrified of messing up my washing routine!  I had read so many horror stories of people ruining their entire stash because of the wrong detergent.

I have had ZERO problems so I figure why mess with perfection?

The Rockin' Green love doesn't stop there for us.  We also use Shake It Up! in our wet bags.  I LOVE this stuff.  As I've posted previously we leave our wet bags open, hanging on Emmett's dresser.  I have had no problems with smells.

I was so excited when the awesome folks over at Rockin' Green sent me a bag of Funk Rock Ammonia Bouncer to try out!  What is Funk Rock (Information is the content of

Product Description

Do you have the funk? Stinkies? Ammonia problems? Diapers that make your eyes water? Have you considered a kryptonite lined diaper pail to contain the smell of your dirty diapers?
Did fluffy or fido have an accident on your bunny slippers? Dealing with the dreaded toddler pee?

You need funk rock! This 100% natural compound is unlike anything you have tried before. It targets funk at the source and leaves no prisoners. Just 4 tablespoons is enough to de-funk up to 20 diapers in one sitting. A little to your pre-wash to keep the stinkies from coming back. That’s right, this 16 ounce bag will keep the diaper funk away for over two months!

Phosphate Free – Enzyme Free – SLS Free

Conveniently (well sort of) Emmett ended up with a wicked diaper rash last week and we needed super strength cream that I just don't trust on my CD so we switched to disposables for a few days while it cleared up.  I accidentally forgot about the bag of stinkers....for FIVE days.  Ahhhh CRAP!!  Literally!

It was time to put Funk Rock to the test! 

I followed the directions on the package.  Put 4 tablespoons into warm or hot water and add your diapers.  You are lucky smell-o-vision does not exist.  My eyes were watering the ammonia on these guys was so bad.  I knew well enough to take a big breath and just dump those dipes into the wash.  I could smell the barnyard from 4 feet away!
Filling up the washing machine
I let it soak for 60 minutes and then washed as usual.
Stinkers ready to go!

My final verdict?  A God send!  You would never know that these diapers were the same ones I threw into the washing machine!  I also threw in 3 diapers that were waiting to be stripped because the build up and barnyard smell on them was so bad.  They also smell brand new!

I did the ultimate sniff test on the biggest offenders of the bunch...I know who they were because there are still some stains on them - nothing a little sun bleaching won't take care of!   Watermelon fresh (not from the Funk Rock, we use the watermelon scented RG detergent). 

Funk Rock receives hands down 5 Stars from this family.  We may never have to strip our diapers again!  Thanks Rockin Green!

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

My new love affair....Anointment Natural Skin Care

Disclaimer: I did not receive free product in exchange for this review nor was I asked to write a review by this company.  These opinions are my own.

A few weeks ago I was shopping at By Nature in search of a few...things...okay I was there looking at diapers.  Sue me.

I was chatting with one of the ladies about needing a new CD safe diaper cream.  She ran through the options that the store carried and pointed out that one of the companies had changed their labeling and they were clearing out the old at discounted prices.  While the diaper cream wasn't on sale a similar product, also safe for CD and more importantly Emmett's bum, was. 

I purchased Soothing Skin Ointment and Shea Butter Cream that fateful day.  Fell in love and then added to my collection.

This great product you ask?  Anointment Natural Skin Care. 

Things I love?  Canadian made!  From the East Coast in New Brunswick these products are made by hand.  Certified organic materials that are hand grown.  Natural and safe.

I sent off a quick comment to the shop owner, April, telling her that I loved the product!  She sent a very friendly return with some super helpful tips!

Since them my product stash has grown to include a number of her handcrafted, natural soaps (for me and Emmett), Baby Balm and lip balm.

My order plus a few goodies she included!

Om Shanti smells divine.  I was hesitant to order it because I often don't like the "fake" smell of coffee and chocolate in products.  Not the case.  Included in my order was a sample bar of this amazing, signature scent.  I have since purchased a full bar from a local vendor!  I love that you get a gentle exfoliation with each wash too!

Lemon Poppyseed smells good enough to eat.

I was worried after my first shower that as with most bar soaps I could feel my skin tightening and drying out - this lasted briefly and then my skin felt silky smooth!  Craig said my legs felt like they were freshly shaved...and I assure you they were not!

I also purchased Baby Calendula for Emmett.  It is mild, unscented (although I'm convinced I can smell a natural flower garden - which is lovely).  It leaves his skin feeling so soft. 

Skin Soothing Ointment worked great on the mosquito bites I brought home with me from Haliburton a few weeks ago!  I barely suffered from any uncomfortable itch and the bites cleared up much quicker than usual!  The ultimate test will be next weekend when we take Emmett camping for the first time!  I like knowing that I have a natural remedy to tote along!

I know I will be a long time customer of this great company and I can't wait to cross of the "must tries" on my list!

I highly recommend checking out the companies website and getting yourself some of these wonderful products!  Or check out By Nature in Orillia who are a local retailer!

If I could give them 6 stars...oh wait, I can it's my blog!!  Lets call it a 5+ Star!

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Tushie Talk Tuesdays: What's in our stash?

This can't be covered in one post!  You would be reading for days! 

I've decided to do a mini-series of posts for the next 9 weeks of "Tushie Talk Tuesday's" all about our stash!

I will be telling you what I like, don't like about each diaper.  If there is a reason I prefer one brand to another and if I have any tips or tricks I have for each brand. 

I will be talking about the following brands but not necessarily in this order:

Glowbugs - New design

Happy Heiny's
Bumgenius 4.0


Tots Bots

Bummis swim diapers

Lil Helper

Annnddd of course there is always the possibility I may acquire new brands to include (although I have been forbidden from any more fluff).

Continuing the Adventure!!!