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Doula Services

I have a few friends that have expressed interest in following my journey to becoming a Labour Doula.

I decided I needed a dedicated, organized spot to keep you updated with what is going on, how it is going and whatever else I think you just might want to know!  So here it is!

Current Status

Who knew that there were so many options on becoming certified as a Doula in Canada!  It's like choosing a university all over again.  Because Doula's are not regulated in Ontario or Canada you really have to do your research to ensure that you are choosing a company that is legit.

I have narrowed my decision to three companies.  Although one rarely offers workshops in Ontario so I may be crossing them off my list also.

So I guess that leaves me with two.

Company A is probably the biggest agency out there.  Most of the Doula's I follow or speak with are certified under this company. 

Company B feels like it might be a better fit for me.  I like their learning style.  Problem?  It isn't well known.  I'm concerned that this will have an effect on my future business.

I'm torn right now especially since both companies have training nearby in the next few months that I would like to attend. 

Where does this leave me?  I have decided to do some of the required reading for each company.  I feel like the books, authors and theories that each company chooses to have their students read is a huge reflection on their birthing style (is that the right term?) and will help me to pick which is the best fit for me to call home!

Until then....if you need or know anyone that needs a Doula after November 2013 I will likely be looking for my required births!!

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