Google+ Adventures with Baby Boo Bear: 2013

Sunday, December 1, 2013

Today is December 1, 2013.

Today is Emmett's 1st Birthday Party.

I am incredibly overcome with so many emotions.  I can't believe this amazing little boy is (almost) one!  We are having a Winter Onederland themed party this afternoon. 

I will obviously provide a full recap in the next few days complete with lots of photos!

Today is also the first day Emmett's Elf on the Shelf will appear!! 

Since he isn't old enough to understand the concept yet and he also isn't old enough for an Advent Calendar full of chocolate we are using Elf to bring Emmett a new Christmas book or movie every night until Christmas Eve! 

Christmas Eve he will bring Emmett's traditional Christmas Eve Box! Jammies, movie and snacks!

We scored with the $5 movie bins at Walmart and an awesome discount toy store that had Christmas board books for under $3 each, making this idea affordable! 

Can't wait to start wrapping them!

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Birthday Shopping, Christmas Shopping - DONE!!

I strive to be finished shopping for Christmas LONG before the holiday chaos starts at the mall.  This year I found myself considerably further behind than usual.  I think I did an excellent job this year at putting a lot of thought into the gifts we purchased!  I wish I could share some of the unique items we got for certain folk but since they read they blog I can't really share ;).

In addition to adding Emmett into the Christmas Shopping chore, fun.  We also had a first birthday to shop for! 

Having a munchkin born so close to Christmas has so far proven to be:
A) Fun - because you can just shop and shop and decide what to give for which holiday later


B) Disastrous - because you shop and shop and shop some more and forget how much you actually bought!....I might speak from experience because I might have found a stash of gifts in the garage on the trailer that I hid for safe keeping's....whoops.

We definitely did not plan to go overboard but we did.  Since it's his first Birthday AND he will actually be awake and not brand spankin' new this Christmas we decided that it's okay.

Some of our top gifts this year are:

1) Mega Bloks: First Builders : Emmett LOVES the starter set of Mega Bloks that he has and loves them.  He recently started putting the pieces together himself!  I think there will be a few of these sets this year I know how happy he will be!
Photo Credit: Mega Bloks Website

2) Puzzles: Emmett is starting to understand the function of a puzzle.  He is into puzzles, stacking cups, stacking toys and anything that he has to figure out how to get a shape into an opening.

See-Inside Numbers Peg Puzzle - 10 pieces
Photo Credit: Melissa & Doug

3) Rody Horse
Yellow  Rody
When I first heard of this "hot" toy I had no idea what it was!  After some Google searching I realized Emmett had loved this toy at the pumpkin farm!  We finally found a Canadian retailer that sold it - Applause Toy Store - Bracebridge and scooped it up! 

4) Little Tykes DiscoverSounds Activity Garden

 I'm pretty excited for this!  It looks like it should keep him entertained for hours!

 He also got a few smaller toys, a couple electronic toys (okay a 6...okay 8), books, some clothes and of course he wouldn't be his Daddy's son if he didn't get a few jerseys!

I am very excited to see his reactions to each new items and glad that he won't remember how spoiled he was his first birthday and second Christmas!

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Tushie Talk Tuesday: Why Emmett ditched his pants today

Today is an appropriate day for Tushie Talk.  Today we are not wearing cloth diapers.

Someone has been having tummy trouble today and we have changed poopy diapers approximately 8 times....yup.  EIGHT.

I wasn't dealing with that many poopy cloth diapers so I broke out the disposables!

We also ditched our pants today (well, Emmett did.  I wore mine).

I friggen love baby leggings.  They make diaper changes so much easier, especially when you are changing every hour.  I wish I had thought to put them on him as a newborn - would have made the constant changes so much easier!

We have something like 25 pairs of leggings...whoops...they are all super adorable though so that makes it okay?  I get them from juDanzy (which is what he is wearing in the photo) and Baby Leggings
I do not enjoy the way they look with disposable diapers!  Actually I don't enjoy disposable diapers at all!
I just ordered my first shipment from The Honest Company!  I'm pretty excited to try out this line (including some soaps, skin cleaners etc).  I will be sure to keep you in the loop about how that goes! 

Have you ever used baby leggings?

Do you have a favorite, natural company?

Friday, November 22, 2013

DIY Felt Christmas Tree

Christmas Decorating Day in the Columbus household generally occurs the same weekend as the Toronto Santa Claus Parade.  We consider it the unofficial start to the holiday season!

In past years we have had a real tree which means we have to wait a few extra weeks to get our tree, although we do decorate the rest of the house the weekend of the parade.

Last year we didn't have to worry about the tree because Emmett being a whopping 3 weeks old at Christmas didn't have much interest!  We ended up putting up the artificial tree because there was NO way I was lugging my huge pregnant butt out to the tree farm in the snow and cold! 

We reluctantly decided to go artificial again this year.  Mainly for Emmett's safety (a small part of me wanted artificial so we could get it up earlier).  As we expected Emmett LOVES the tree!  Mostly, he is very good about leaving it alone.  However, he is still a very curious little man...who loves to defy Mommy & Daddy particularly when he is tired and grumpy.  This is usually when the tree gets "undressed".

Enter the Felt Christmas Tree!

I have seen a few pinterest links on the DIY Felt Christmas Tree.  I decided to tackle it.  I didn't read directions for any particular site as it seemed easy enough to do on my own.

Felt Christmas Tree

Materials Needed for 3.5 foot tree

1 metre of green felt
5-6 sheets of coloured felt
Glue gun or white glue (optional)
Strong tape or adhesive of choice to tape to wall/window


1) Fold green felt in half lengthwise
2) Draw half a tree - I used chalk to do this and just free handed my tree

3) Cut out tree leaving fold in tact
4) Use coloured felts to cut out ornaments.  I just used basic circles and ovals.  Some tutorials I saw got super creative and used cookie cutters or stencils to make fancy ornaments!  I made a few presents for the bottom but that was as creative as I got.

Lots of pretty colours!
Emmett was immediately interested and enjoyed decorating and undecorating for about 10 minutes.  Which is 10 minutes I didn't have to spend removing him from the real tree :).

The end result!

Think he likes it?
Here's to the first of what will hopefully be many DIY Christmas projects!!
How do you keep curious toddlers away from the Christmas tree?
When do you decorate for Christmas in your house?

Monday, November 18, 2013

Checking In!

Hello Friends!!
The last month and a half has just been a crazy whirlwind!!  I have been prepping for Christmas shows, prepping for CHRISTMAS (I can't believe how close it is getting) and enjoying every single minute with Emmett James as I know that the dreaded return to work is fast approaching!

I finally finished Christmas shopping today, my cards are half written and I'm got all my gear to get wrapping!  I still have lots of baking and cooking to do.  We enjoyed a weekend full of Santa Claus Parades and swimming lessons!   Decorating our house and shopping.  Emmett had his first birthday photo session last week too!

This is my favorite time of year.  I love the hustle and bustle of Christmas prepping.  This usually starts early for me because I am extremely claustrophobic and the thought of a busy mall makes me sweat and swell and get dizzy all over!  So I like to be done early. 

This year we are adding in another element to our favorite time of year - Emmett's first birthday!! 

I have been pinning and creating and designing for Emmett's birthday, Baby Boo Boutique & Christmas.  I am so thankful that Canadian Thanksgiving is in October and I don't have to worry about another exciting event amidst all this hustle and bustle!

I truly am hoping to share our activities over the next few weeks but the blog may continue to be slow!  After all, quality is better than quantity right?!

Never fear though - soon the blog will be up and running in full again!  Who knew having a baby, starting up a small business and running a blog could be so time consuming and so much fun!!!

Thank you all, dear readers, for your love and support!!

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Tushie Talk Tuesday: Fell off the Wagon

I epically failed at my goal of "disposable free by September".  In fact....I don't think I did more than 2 or 3 loads of cloth during the entire month.

I confess...I spent more time purchasing soaps, swaddling blankets and organic toys at our fav CD shop than diapering supplies.

So what happened?  Simple.  LIFE happened!

We were so busy that the convenience of disposables won over the past month.  Am I upset, discouraged?  Of course not! 

I am committed to jumping back on the fluff wagon as of yesterday and starting fresh....with some freshly washed clothies of course!

Do you guilt yourself when you fall off the "fluff" wagon?

Sunday, October 6, 2013

10 Month: Mommy Must Haves

Since I wasn't blogging as a brand new Mom I didn't get a chance to write about New Mom Must Haves (don't worry - someday I will).

Instead here are my current must haves....not necessarily related to being a Mom at all!  Just stuff I love!

There won't be a ton of pictures because a lot of my must haves are random things!

1.  PSL. 
Yes, this is my #1 current must have.  No, I do not think that is sad.  In case you aren't familiar with the lingo...Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Latte.

2. Comfy, black capris.

I'm obsessed with these this fall!  They are the perfect transition from shorts to pants (okay...let's be pants).  Plus they always feel comfy in my post-baby body.

I am obsessed with a few pairs I got from Joe Fresh.  Although I got a hole in the butt during Tough Mudder of my fav pair so I'm on the hunt to replace them!

3.  Infinity Scarf

I love, love, LOVE scarves.  My newest favorite is the infinity scarf!  I ordered some from Etsy and started making my own which I think are even cuter...of course.

4. Anointment Lip Balms

Great flavour and all natural!  Perfect for protecting my lips this fall!

5. Headbands

I'm growing out my bangs.  I always have a headband on these days!!  Plus keeps my hair out of Emmett's mouth.

6. 31 Bags.

My newest obsession!.  I'm currently using the Metro bag in lieu of a diaper bag.  I'm also loving the utility totes!  I love every product I've ordered from them!  The list of products I still want just keeps growing. 

Those who were familiar with my Coach obsession can only imagine what this means.

7. Slip on shoes.

Because some times I just don't have a hand to put on a shoe!

8.  A & A Dream Blanket

Yes...I steal this from Emmett....I want my own

9.  Bath & Body Works 3 wick candles

You need the new fall scents.  I love burning them and curling up with a good book!

10.  Mason Jar Glasses with Straw

You need this!!  I drink at least 3 a day to make sure I'm getting enough fluids.  Something that is to easy to forgot with an active kiddo!

Saturday, October 5, 2013

10 Month Must Have's

I can't believe I am writing this post....I have a ten month old.  10 MONTHS!  Is someone playing a joke on me?  Seriously, this isn't happening right?

I can't believe how fast the time is going!....I also realize that I skipped our 9 month must have's.  Perhaps I chose not to write one because I was in denial I had a 9 month old.

Well in honour of having a double digit baby I'm going to do a double digit post!  My 10 - 10 Month Must Have's for Emmett and my own personal 10 Mommy must have's (tomorrow)!

1. Aden & Anais Dream blanket

This blanket is amazing.  4 layers of soft, breathable muslin.  It is Emmett's new favorite crib blanket.   Mommy bonus?  Actually there are two! 

1.  It is light weight so I don't worry about him getting tangled or trapped in his crib with it
2.  It is big enough to snuggle under (A & A does make a grown up blanket which isn't available in Canada yet....once it bet I'm snatching one up!).

2. Nuby Monster Snack Keeper

Emmett is up to 3 meals and snacks a day.  This snack cup is great because he can grab the snacks himself without making a mess AND he thinks that it is a toy!

3. Hatley Rain Bundler
Emmett has a very wide foot and finding shoes to fit is a challenge.  I like Robeez because they are soft sided and the width is generous.
5.  Sippy Cups
Emmett still refuses to hold his own bottle.  He can....just won't...sigh....
He will use a sippy cup with a straw to drink water (no juice - hates it) however I can't trick him and put formula in it.  It's like he knows!
We use this one...
6.  Sorting toys.
Emmett tries so hard to fit the right shape into the right hole or match the right piece of a 3D puzzle to the board. 
We recently purchased a few of these to keep him busy.
7. Push toys
We have this one for my parents house:
And we have a Jeep for at home.  He loves walking around behind these! 
8.  Lovies.
Emmett is starting to develop favorite toys and items and notices when something is missing.  His current favorite is a Scentsy Buddy.  A Lion that we have named...Lion.  Original, I know.  And his minky blanket that Mommy made him. 

Tis the season for colds....nuff' said!
10.  I'm going to lump together all our medical things here.
Between colds, teething and upset tummy lately we have used the following frequently: Baby Vicks Gripe Water and Tylenol (which isn't actually Tylenol but the name of what we use is escaping me right now...and trust me it is driving me INSANE).
So there you have it!   Stay tuned for My Mommy must haves tomorrow!

Friday, October 4, 2013

Welcome Fall!

Oh hi there readers....waves sheepishly....

I have been the worst blogger lately!  Most people have crazy, hectic summer schedules but not us!  Fall = chaos for the Columbus family!

Since my last post we have done the following:

Apple Picking
One last trip to the berry farm
Weekend away at a cold, wet Girl Guide camp (well me...not the boys)
Craig & I completed Tough Mudder Toronto

Modelling Mommy's coveted orange headband.

I thought about overloading this post with pictures to recap but decided I'd rather apologize, beg for forgiveness about my absences and spend the time writing next weeks posts (which WILL have lots of pictures). 

Until then I leave you with cuteness overload (all with it)....

Little handsome at the apple farm!

First family photo for a few months!

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Tushie Talk Tuesday: Stripping with Blue Dawn

Yeah, yeah.  I know it's not Tuesday...again.

Things have been crazy around here the past few weeks and unfortunately my poor little blog has been neglected!

I had to write this post even a few days late because every cloth diapering Mama NEEDS this info!

Tushie Talk Tuesday: Stripping with Blue Dawn

Yup, that's right.   You CAN strip your CD with dish soap.  It is also the best dang stripper you can use!

I've had a couple diapers lately that no amount of soaking in Rockin Green, Funk Rock or RLR could cure....

I've read lots of blogs, articles, etc. that suggest Blue Dawn works wonders.  Desperate and not quite willing to bleach the diapers just yet I decided to give it a shot.

Holy.  Freakin.  Moly.

The diapers are like new.  No smells, not stains (well some time in the sun is to thank for that also), nothing.  Zip.  Nada.

So.  You want to know how right?  Easy peasy.

1.  You must use BLUE DAWN.  Not apple scented, not unscented yellow.  Blue Dawn.  Don't know the science behind it....don't care.  it works.

2. Your diapers have to be clean.  Do a regular wash (you can skip the first rinse if you want - I did it just to be extra sure they were clean but skipped the second rinse).  Use your normal washing detergent.  They don't have to be dry - just clean. 

3. Add Blue Dawn.  For top loaders add 1 TABLESPOON, for front loaders add 1 TEASPOON.

4. Wash with lots of water

5. Rinse, rinse and rinse some more!  Keep rinsing until the suds are gone.  I needed 2 extra rinses and I have a top loader.  You may need more for a front loader (or top loader depending on the amount of agitation your washer provides). 

That's it!  You are welcome ;)

Some companies warranty may become void when using alternate cleaning solutions (blue dawn, bleach, etc.).  If you are concerned about the warranty on your diapers consult with the company prior to washing.

Saturday, September 7, 2013

Homemade Baby Play

Emmett has hit a stage where his attention span is about 30 seconds long. As soon as you put him on the floor to play he beelines for the first non-toy he can find.  This includes tables, furniture, curtains, walls, etc. 

Despite the dozens of toys he has (per room) not much holds his attention right now. 


There are so many great resources available through this site that it was hard to choose which to try first!

While I have a list of about a dozen activities I am going to try (and I will blog about them of course) I picked these two first because I had all the materials at home.


Original Pin - Coloured water in ziplock bags.

This pin just links to a picture but the instructions are in the comments.

Super easy!  Add about 1/4 cup water to a medium sized Ziploc baggie.  Add a few drops of food colouring until desired colour is achieved.  Zip bag closed.  I taped over the seal for added protection!

That's it! 

Emmett loved squishing the bag around!
Emmett seemed to enjoy this activity.  It was the first thing he hasn't tried to put in his mouth for awhile!
I also tried making one with dried beans in it to add texture.  The difference didn't faze Emmett much and the next day the beans were soft so the bag had to be thrown out.  I'd suggest just using water & colour.
# 2:

Original Pin - Ice Cube Painting

This activity has so much potential for fun!  I don't think Emmett was quite old enough yet but he still seemed to have fun....he definitely enjoyed licking the coloured ice!

This was very easy.  Fill an ice cube tray with water.  Add a few drops of food colouring.  Freeze.  Give to baby! 
We tried this twice.  Once outside.  FAIL.  It was so hot that the ice quickly melted resulting in a very colourful and wet Emmett.
The second time was a rainy day and I had some cubes left over.  I stripped him down (do this...seriously don't skip this step!) and plunked him in his highchair.  I put down a disposable table cloth from the dollar store under his chair to protect the floor (I'd recommend not skipping this step also). 
This was much more successful than the first time. 
I gave him a piece of paper to "colour" which he didn't have as much interest in.  Once I removed it and just let him play on his tray he had a lot more fun....
I still kept it for the fridge...such a Mom
It kept Emmett busy for around 30 minutes.  We had quite the mess afterwards but it was worth it.
Also, Cloth Mamas....put a sposie on for this.  Trust me.
These activities were a lot of fun and a nice break from the normal.
I have two more activities ready to go for this week!
On a totally unrelated note: I returned to Girl Guides as a leader last week!  I was a Brownie leader at the same location for 7 years and took a break 2 years ago.  I had such a great time at the meeting last week and am so excited to be back.  I needed the break but I'm refreshed and full of new ideas!  Expect some Girl Guide updates/craft ideas on the blog periodically now as well!
I bought these slippers at Walmart a few days ago because they spoke to my inner Girl Guide...hehe...I can't wait to wear them to camp in a few weeks!  Emmett likes them as well!
Have you tried any sensory activities with baby?
Were you ever a Girl Guide/Scout?  For how long?

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Tushie Talk Tuesday: Destashing

Don't worry I'm not falling off the cloth diaper train!  Quite the opposite in fact.  My stash is OUT OF CONTROL.

Seriously, for one kid we are pushing 75 diapers (it may be more I won't count....afraid).  I just can't help it! 

I've thought about it before but every time I do I can't decide which are my favorites.  Even though most days I can tell you which I do and don't love anymore.

I think I've decided I am going to destash my original Glow Bugs.  As much as I love them I love my newer Glow Bugs even more.  The rest have fallen to the bottom of the storage system.

There are a few others that I have to talk myself into parting with that fit Emmett well when he was smaller but aren't a great match right now.

And as I sit here typing this I think....but what if I need them for our next child?

Oh great, here I go again!!

How many cloth diapers do you have?

Do you destash less loved diapers or keep them for potential future children?

Thursday, August 29, 2013

What Emmett Ate Wednesday

One day late this week! 

We had a few set backs last week with BLW.  A combination of Emmett having a cold with sore throat and being out and about a lot.  He didn't have much interest in solids while his throat hurt so we feed him puree - which I am guilty of giving him from a pouch.  We don't have purees on hand anymore and I just didn't have time to make them! 

Usually when we are on the go Emmett eats off our plates but that sometimes gets messy at restaurants so we occasionally give him a pouch instead.

He was slowly starting to accept he had to feed himself again until the teething pains started.  While he is eating he isn't eating much.  He is more interested with pushing food around on his tray and then throwing handfuls on the dog....

In addition to formula...
Breakfast:  1 Banana and half a thins bagel with cream cheese...he ate the banana
Lunch: Baby Gourmet - Pear & Garden Greens pouch.  He ate half - usually he eats the entire thing
Dinner - Chicken, veggies and a rice/lentil/quinoa blend
He ate all the chicken and a few veggies and rice.  The rest went on the floor. Hopefully he gets his appetite back soon!!

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Review: Glowbug Cloth Diapers

Disclosure: I did receive product in exchange for writing this review.  In no way did this influence my opinion of this product/company.  These opinions are my own and not those of the company.

You all know I love my Glow Bugs.  They are super fun, easy to use and wash and hold up against leaks.  I think we have over 30 Glow Bugs now!  At the end of June I contacted Glow Bug about using some photos/links from their website in a review of the 2012 diaper.

Of course these amazing ladies went and did one better and offered to send one us one of their new and improved diapers to review.  Ummm...heck yes!?!

What's the difference between the old and new diapers?  Why the new 360 degree gusset!!

Photo credit:

This adds extra leak protection to the diaper and it works!  Usually when I review a diaper I have to wait and wait for the ultimate test of a diaper...the poop!!  Which when you are only working with one of a particular diaper can take a while!  Not.  This.  Time.  First time I put this guy on EJ I took it off 20 minutes later.  It did the job!

Now we still used a liner in this diaper but I patted it down into the gusset and it kept the shape pretty well!  Rather than the poop sliding up the back of the diaper it got trapped down in the gusset.

These diapers also feature the same snaps as the old diapers.  Lots of waist and length sizes and the hip snaps that the 2012 diapers included.

Also new to this version was the male and female parts on the inserts so you can snap additional inserts for added absorbency.

They still have the great prints from 2012 and added 12 new unisex prints!

Glow Bug Uni Package (Gender Neutral Prints) - with The Revolutionary 360° Gusset
Photo credit:

My verdict?  5 FRICKEN STARS!

LOVED this new diaper!  The new features are awesome and the overall quality of the diaper just gets better and better!

The new unisex prints are fun and colourful AND they are still the same great price!  $150 for 12 diapers.

I'm seriously considering de-stashing some of my old bugs to trade up for these new ones!

Monday, August 26, 2013

Weekend Recap

I'm back, I'm finally back!!

I have missed blogging!  I'm finally done the Momstown Birthday Bash and ready for a sewing break...other than the custom Christmas orders that are coming in!

We had a busy, busy weekend!  Actually we've had a pretty busy month.  I have lots of stuff stocked up for the boutique so I can enjoy the next few weeks as we head into fall (yay!!) with Emmett and Craig.  Since it's my favorite season I am excited to be on maternity leave and have NOTHING to do other than enjoy it.

Friday, Emmett and I drove down to Mississauga to meet up with a Mom from my online Mom's board.  She just happened to be in Ontario (she is from the West coast) for tryouts for the Canadian Women's Sledge Hockey Team (pretty cool, huh??) and came in a day early so we could meet! 

I told Craig I was kind of nervous going because while you kind of "know" these Mom's you don't actually KNOW them.  It was so much fun though and I'd do it again in a second!  We didn't have any awkward conversation - it was just like old friends meeting up!

Here we are!

These ladies have been such an amazing support group, friends and resource for me both during pregnancy and for these past few months.   I can't wait to meet more of them in real life!

Saturday I spent sewing my butt off.  Emmett's Aunt Marianne came for a visit and of course brought him a huge PRESENT!  He loves it.

Look at all the fun they had!
Sunday was the day I've been prepping for pretty much all month!  The Momstown Birthday Bash!
While the show didn't go quite as well as I had hoped (I had really high aspirations) it still did well!  I also made some great connections and got my name out there!  Emmett also met Clifford the dog which he quite enjoyed. 
Daddy, Emmett & Clifford

Our booth!
In other news....Emmett can stand...unassisted....for almost 30 seconds sometimes.  I miss my little baby but am enjoying all these milestones and can't wait to see what he gets into, learns next.

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Tushie Talk Tuesday: Back to Basics

I'm still here!

We have been so busy the past few weeks!  I am also guilty of....disposables....until yesterday I had the same diapers drying on the line that have been there for close to 2 weeks.  Bad!  They were also piled underneath yards and yards of fabric!!  I have been sewing like crazy getting ready for the Momstown Birthday Bash which is in just under two weeks.

I may be MIA until then with just a post here and there.

I'm skipping the diaper series this week and last week and probably next week because I haven't been able to take any pictures of Emmett wearing them.  I'm hoping to have the new Glow Bug diaper review done soon!

So, why am I posting a picture of part of our stash today? 
This post isn't about creating a start up stash.  It is to remind you to do your own research. Find what works for you.
  When I first started our stash I read reviews, did research on companies and materials, various systems (AIO, pocket, prefolds, etc) and chose the CD and accessories and wash products and routines that I felt would work best for our family.  We did go with a lot of mid/high end diapers.  We are fortunate that we were financially able to do so (one of the reasons a lot of families choose to CD!). 
We have been very lucky that this research and purchase of high quality products paid off and we have had very few problems.  There are only a handful of diapers in our 75 + diaper stash that we don't like.
A few weeks ago I gave my input to a local Mom via the world wide web about starting up a stash.  Opinions on the brands I like, use, don't use and reasons why.  My suggestion as it is to anyone wanting to start out is to get a few different brands and see what works for you and your baby.
I was bothered by another comment suggested that this Mama should purchase a starter stash of a few low end brands (they were named but I won't rename them here because I personally don't use them -  research and friends opinions led me away).  Just to see if they liked CD because there was no point putting out the money only to not like it.
Just to see if you like CD....personally had I ONLY purchased low end diapers that were prone to leaks, repelling due to lower grade materials and poor fit...I probably wouldn't be using them anymore! 
While I think there are some great low/mid end diapers to start out with you may not be one of the lucky ones to have a good experience with them.  Don't let start up cost have you running out of the store.  Think of the long run savings!
That being said.  What worked for our family may not work for the next family.  It might work great for another.  I KNOW it won't work for some families too.
Everyone's experience and needs will be different.  Just like everyone's baby is different! 

Friday, August 9, 2013

Adventures in Mama Cloth: The Conclusion

Final warning.  I'm going to talk about periods....again.  If you don't want to read about them stop reading now!

I chose 3 North American companies to compare/review for my adventures in Mama Cloth: Lunapads. Tree Hugger Cloth Pads and Talulah Bean.  These are just 3 companies - there are lots more! 

I ordered each pad in the companies version of a "regular" size. 

Each of these companies does great things with the sale of each pad which is why I chose them.  You can read up on them by clicking on the links!

The approximate start up cost is based on 5 pad changes for 6 days assuming you wash every two days.

Please ignore the lousy photos in this post.  I'm tired and my computer is tired and photo editing just wasn't happening tonight!

3 products with their wings in "on" mode.  This is what they will look like in your underwear.  They are all similar in length.  They are all the same width.  The Lunapad has a traditional "pad" shape.  The Talulah Bean has a square shape but really conforms as required.  The Tree Hugger holds a square shape.
The Talulah Bean offers the largest amount of coverage in the "wing" area.
Each pad folds up nicely for discreet storage.
Cost: $16.99 (1 pad, 1 liner)
Approximate start up cost: $78 for Starter Kit
4.5 stars

My first impressions of the Lunapad weren't as optimistic as my other choices.  The pad is made from regular cotton (organic cotton is an option) and my others were minky.  I was also concerned about being able to feel the strap to hold in the liner. 
I was wrong.  I shouldn't have judged.
The Lunapad was my favorite.  I couldn't even feel it.  It was like wearing a disposable pad but without the crinkly noise when you move the wrong way!
I also love that each shell can be worn for a few hours and you simply change the liner (like an AI2 CD) as long as it doesn't oversaturate.  The shell must be worn with a liner.
The material in the Lunapad was very absorbent and I felt like it did the best job at wicking away moisture.
There were lots of fun prints, sizes and two fabric choices.
Negatives: Wasn't minky...but I think that worked to their advantage!
This one wrinkles if it isn't finished in the dryer.  It still functions though which is good as I prefer to hang dry cloth.
I wasn't a huge fan of any of the starter kits that the company has on their website.  I would have preferred and option to have just pads and extra liners.
Tree Hugger Cloth Pads
Cost: $24/2 pads ($12 each)
Approximate start up cost: $198 for start set OR based on 6 pads per day/laundry every other day (total 12 pads) approx. $144
Review: 3.5 stars
My first thoughts?  Awwww minky.  Then I realized. I can feel the minky.  I can feel this pad.  Yup, I'm wearing a pad.
It didn't get better.  Comfortable?  Yes.  But I could still tell I was wearing it.
At least it was super soft and fun....until it was time to change pads and I was really regretting purchasing a partially white pad.  Although I am happy to report that they did come out stain free.
I didn't feel like this pad was overly absorbent.  It seemed like everything the top. 
I did like the square shape because it offered a bit more coverage at the sides.
There are lots of fun prints/colours as well as a few fabric options.  They also offer coordinating wetbags for travel.
Talulah Bean
Cost: $11 USD
Approximate start up cost: $130 based on 6 pads per day washed every 2 days (12 pads total)
Review: 4 stars
Minky, minky, minky!!
This was without a doubt the softest, nicest material that has ever graced know ;).
You can tell by looking at and feeling this product that the company uses higher quality materials.  Even after a couple washes it still feels like new.
I found the more I washed this one the more absorbent it got.
This pad was so comfortable and soft and yet I could barely tell I was wearing it.
There are 3 fabric choices on the website, lots of size options.  They also make wetbags.  Unique to Talulah Bean is the "chilly bean".  It is a post partum ice pack that you just plunk on top of your pad for soothing relief.  Totally could have used that post partum!
I'm only knocking it down .5 star from being tied at first because the cost is a bit higher since it is in US dollars and being shipped from the states.  Otherwise I adore this one!
Congrats if you are still reading this!
My final thoughts?  Embracing Mama Cloth wasn't nearly as scary as I thought it would be.  I actually got the same pleasure as I do from my CD addiction.  And this one can be enjoyed long after the babe and any more to come are out of diapers...oh joy...oh bliss.
I will be stocking up on a few more pads from these companies and may even try the Luna Cup or Lunette!
Until next more period talk for a while ;)

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Adventures in Mama Cloth: Part II

I am going to talk about periods again.  If you don't want to read then stop reading here.  Now. Just. Stop.

Mama Cloth was actually went a lot better than I thought it was going to!  I only used them at home and during the day.  I wasn't brave enough to test them out overnight and I have a hard enough time forcing myself to go out with CD much less Mama Cloth! 

To store the used cloths I swiped one of Emmett's Sling Sister wet/dry bags.  I stored the clean pads in the dry zip pocket and the used in the wet pocket.  I used the strap to hang off the toilet paper roll holder.

It was really nice to not be starting at the garbage pail.  If we had guests they wouldn't be the wiser that I had my period.  Nor was the dog.

I washed them with Emmett's diapers.  You could also wash with towels or other linens.  If they are sitting for a day or two before washing I'd recommend rinsing to avoid staining.  I used the regular Rockin Green I used on CD but they also make a version specially for Mama's!

I hung them to dry with Emmett's dipes but had I been throwing something into the dryer I probably would have put them in also.

I undoubtedly have my favorite brand and I will probably start making the switch to exclusive cloth over the next few months.  I think I might try out the cup too!

So what did I like/not like.  What brands offer what features/benefits?  Stayed tuned tomorrow for the conclusion of Adventures in Mama Cloth!

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

What Emmett Ate Wednesday # 2

Baby led weaning is still going very well!  There isn't a food that Emmett has tried that he doesn't like.  He is getting a lot better at the pincer grip as well.  Most of the food makes it into his mouth now rather than his lap!

Here is what Emmett ate!

Breakfast- 1 egg yolk with 1 piece of cheddar cheese
Lunch - 1 piece of toast (no crust) with avocado and 3 slices cheese
Dinner - corn, mashed potatoes, chicken and steamed zucchini
Dessert/Snack - Strawberries and blueberries
You can tell by the pictures that Emmett is loving anything cut into finger/fry shapes!  Easy to grab, easy to shove in his mouth!

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

8 Month 8 Must Haves

Tushie Tuesday is getting pushed to Thursday again this week...I planned on reviewing our AMP diapers buuuutttt then I realized that they are all on the line drying and I don't have any pictures of Emmett wearing them!  Ooops.

Emmett turned 8 months old yesterday.  I can't believe how fast the time is going.  Emmett has discovered his speed recently and loves to motor!  I fear that we may have a walker on our hands sooner than later. 

These are the items that Emmett uses or we use on Emmett everyday.

1.  Tommee Tippee Explora Easi Roll Bib

Because we use BLW we generally just strip Emmett down to eat and put him in the tub when he is done.   When we do leave him dressed these bibs are great!  They have a catcher at the bottom for the pieces that miss his mouth and are super quick to wipe down! 

2.  Leap Frog Animal Adventure Learning Table

 Animal Adventure Learning Table
Emmett uses this every single day!  Other than a few stuffed animals he clobbers daily this is probably his favorite toy.  He loves to use it to help him stand.  He also loves hitting the drum in the middle and watching the colours.

3. Safety Gear

Anything that can make the house safer!!  Emmett is getting into EVERYTHING these days.  We recently purchased cabinet door locks, safety bumpers for the sharp corners of the coffee table and outlet covers.  I'm sure we will be adding to this collection soon!

4.  Sling Sister Wetbags

I use these for everything!  Which is why I have so many sizes.  From holding dirty diapers, wet swim suits, snack bags to Mama Cloth we use these as a family!

5. Lint Brush

Yeah...I'm serious.  Emmett does not enjoy having his diaper changed lately.  Give him a lint brush to play with and he's in heaven.  He also enjoys having it brushed over his body.

Weird?  Yup.  Do I care?  Nope.

6. Overnight Diapers

Bad, bad, BAD CD Mama. CD do not keep Emmett dry overnight.  No matter what combo I try.  Regular disposables do not keep Emmett dry overnight.  These guys do.  He also sleeps long, long hours when wearing one. 

We both function better on a good nights sleep.  Sue me.

7. Bummis Diaper Liners

Emmett poops a lot.  It's changing texture and grossness every day.  These are gold.

8.  Anything from Anointment

This Canadian company made our list last month too.  They are here again because they are just plain awesome!!

We use the baby soap, baby balm (CD safe cream) and powder daily.  I also use a bunch of the products for me too!

It's amazing how much "must haves" change in just 3-4 short weeks in the life of a baby!!

Until next time!

Friday, August 2, 2013

Becoming Crunchy: Mama Cloth, Part I

Disclaimer: I was not given product or compensation in exchange for this review.  These opinions are my own and were in no way influenced by the company.  Nor was I asked to write a review.

I am going to talk about periods in this post.  If you don't like it I warn you to stop reading now, just stop.

Okay, if you've read past that line consider yourselves warned.

Craig & I have made a lot of changes since Emmett was born.  We've altered our diets to ensure we live longer, healthier lives for him, we've changed almost all of our cleaning supplies to more eco friendly versions and have started to replace our (and Emmett's) personal hygiene products with brands that contain less chemicals, fillers etc. 

I've heard a lot about Mama Cloth in my social media circles.  Emmett wears fluff on his bum rather than chemical laden diapers....why shouldn't I at least ENTERTAIN the idea?

I toyed with the idea, did some research and then decided that it wasn't for me.  Not right then.  Well then I got my period annnnddd my stupid dog got into the garbage (I warned you to stop reading if you didn't want the details), gross I know. 


I picked a few companies that were local (well, at least made in North America) to review and compare.

The companies that will be included in the review (Part II):

Talulah Bean - WAHM (work at home Mom) from Washington grey/purple flower print

Lunapads - Operated by women in Vancouver, BC, Canada apples pattern

Tree Hugger Cloth Pads - WAHM, Canadian polka dots print

So, how do they hold up?  Stayed tuned for Part II next Friday!

Until then have a safe and happy long weekend Canadian Mama's (and a great weekend for all our other readers)!

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Tushie Talk Tuesday (but Thursday): Diaper Review Series # 3

We moved to Thursday this week!!  My Tuesday post deserved the slot and since there is another day of the week that starts with T....

Firstly, I had a GREAT mail day on Tuesday.  Perfectly suited for a day dubbed "Tushie" by us!

Can we say cuteness overload?  I have been patiently waiting for these guys that I ordered from a Co-op for weeks!!  So cute!  I can't wait to prep them and get them onto Emmett's little behind!
Okay.  Onto today's diaper!
Disclaimer: I did not receive product in compensation for this review.  These opinions are my own and were in no way influenced by the company nor was I asked to write this review.
Blueberry (sometimes refereed to as Swaddlebee)
One Sized, Pocket
One Sized, AIO
My Blueberry diapers were the first CD that I truly loved.  They were also the only newborn sized diapers that we purchased.
Why love at first sight?  Why do I love most of my diapers - the designs! 
We have owls, monkeys, handprints, giraffes, elephants, monsters and cow prints!  Snaps and hook and loop.
Needless to say we LOVE our Blueberry Diapers!
These diapers get an amazing fit!  Even around Emmett's chubby thighs.  They are super absorbent but keep him dry!
Blueberry offers so many choices (minky, bamboo, cotton/micro) that there is a diaper for everyone.
I love that you have the option of tucking in the soaker on the AIO (like a pocket) to keep a more natural fabric on babes skin.
The ONLY thing I don't like about my Blueberry Dipes is that there isn't a wing or cover over the opening.  Occasionally the microfiber insert will ride up and touch Emmett's skin.  He is really sensitive so he usually gets a rash from this.  Solution for us has been to use a bamboo or hemp insert that is friendly to his sensitive skin.
Blueberry Diapers cost around $25 but are so worth the price!  Plus they are made in North America (unfortunately, no, not Canada).
My biggest regret about Blueberry Diapers?  I didn't know how much I'd love the hook and loop when I started my stash and was convinced I'd love snaps more (which I DON'T!) and this fab dino diaper eluded me because I could only find it in hook and loop...AND since I've been forbidden to purchase anymore fluff (since our stash is around 70?) it will have to wait.  Boo.
If you don't have any of these fab diapers in your collection?  You should.  Go get some!

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

What Emmett Ate Wednesday # 1: Adventure in BLW

I fell off the Wordless Wednesday train.  I just have to much to talk about and all of my "wordless" posts were quickly filling up with....well words!

I knew I needed another weekly feature along with Tushie Talk (which by the way will be Thursday this week due to my special post yesterday) to complete the blog!

Enter....What Emmett Ate Wednesday. 

WIAW (What I Ate Wednesday) is very popular in the blog world.  From healthy living to gourmet chef to people just taking pics of what they ate on Wednesday's!  Since this blog is geared towards life with a little human I decided to spin off this idea to incorporate our adventures in Baby Led Weaning (BLW) regularly!

Things to note:
1) Emmett is a pig.  He is pushing 8 months old and pushing 25lbs (and around 32 inches).  He's very healthy (according to our Dr and Pedi) and will likely be a big, big boy! 
2) Emmett is a SHOVEL MONSTER.  He literally grabs a handful, shovels it into his mouth.  Some falls from his chubby little fist and gets lost for eternity, some falls back onto his tray and some even gets into his mouth.   Repeat.
3) Emmett started purees just before 5 months and we started BLW around 6 months.  He is a very good eater.  Not all babies will be ready for BLW or the same amount of food he consumes.  Go at your babes pace and try not to compare how much they eat.  If you have any concerns consult your Dr or Pedi.
So without further adieu....

What Emmett Ate Wednesday 
Meal #1: 7 oz bottle
Meal # 2 Breakfast: 1 egg yolk cut into "fry" shape
1 banana - I give him this in two halves.  He eats some, mushes some and gets the rest in his hair, chair, clothes, etc.
Meal #3: 4 oz bottle
Meal 4:Lunch/Snack (naptime will determine when he eats): 2ish tbsp plain greek yogurt with cinnamon, handful organic apple cinnamon teddy cereal, 1/5 avocado  - also cut into "fry" shape
Meal #4 - 8 oz bottle
Meal # 4.5 - 4oz bottle before nap
Meal # 5 Dinner: 1/4 cup plain pasta, 1/4 cup mixed veggies, 1/2 spinach and chickpea patty cut into bite sized pieces
Meal #6: Bedtime bottle - tonight he ate 12 oz
This is a bit more than what he normally eats but we also think that he is at the start of a growth spurt.  He's been a pig for a few days and sleeping ALOT.

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

What My Parents Taught Me About Marriage

Tushie Talk Tuesday is getting pushed to Wednesday this week...and for good reason!

Today my parents are celebrating a very special wedding anniversary.  30 years.  30 freaking years!!

This isn't their wedding photo...I thought it was until the last minute and I realized it wasn't!  Oops!
 Before peers, reality shows, tabloids and experimenting our first exposure to adult relationships whether they are strong, broken or non-existence are from our parents.  My sisters and I are incredibly fortunate to have had such an amazing example set for us.

Whether from talking about relationships or just being a spectator to theirs for so many years I have learned a lot about marriage and love.

Share The Work

Although my Mom stayed home with us for many years my parents didn't really assume traditional roles in the household.  During the years my Mom stayed home and my Dad worked they may have but now in their retirement it isn't uncommon to see my Dad break out the vacuum or don an apron to bake a pie (sorry Dad) while my Mom watches football.

When my parents watch Emmett my Dad does his fair share, most, ALL of the diaper changes.

Marriage Is Hard Work

If it wasn't the divorce rate would be much lower.  After experiencing a heartbreak years ago my parents shared trials that they had gone through to encourage and support me.  They assured me that for the right person pushing through and working on problems would be worth it (for the record, they were right).

Never Stop Dating

My parents are always off doing something fun together.   There is often a photo posted to Facebook of the flowers my Dad picked for her from their gardens.  They have never settled or developed a rut because they have been married for so many years.

Be Friends With Your Partner

Share common interests.  Take interest in each others hobbies.

There Is Life After Kids

My parents always put us first.  They did not however let their relationship suffer because they were parents.  Now that they are retired and almost all of their kids have moved out soon it will be just them we have no worries about them finding things to do to enjoy each others company!

Money Isn't Everything

My Mom stayed home.  We lived a great life and were never without.  Nuff said.

If All Else Fails...drink wine...lots and lots of wine ;)

Or a martini...