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Saturday, September 7, 2013

Homemade Baby Play

Emmett has hit a stage where his attention span is about 30 seconds long. As soon as you put him on the floor to play he beelines for the first non-toy he can find.  This includes tables, furniture, curtains, walls, etc. 

Despite the dozens of toys he has (per room) not much holds his attention right now. 


There are so many great resources available through this site that it was hard to choose which to try first!

While I have a list of about a dozen activities I am going to try (and I will blog about them of course) I picked these two first because I had all the materials at home.


Original Pin - Coloured water in ziplock bags.

This pin just links to a picture but the instructions are in the comments.

Super easy!  Add about 1/4 cup water to a medium sized Ziploc baggie.  Add a few drops of food colouring until desired colour is achieved.  Zip bag closed.  I taped over the seal for added protection!

That's it! 

Emmett loved squishing the bag around!
Emmett seemed to enjoy this activity.  It was the first thing he hasn't tried to put in his mouth for awhile!
I also tried making one with dried beans in it to add texture.  The difference didn't faze Emmett much and the next day the beans were soft so the bag had to be thrown out.  I'd suggest just using water & colour.
# 2:

Original Pin - Ice Cube Painting

This activity has so much potential for fun!  I don't think Emmett was quite old enough yet but he still seemed to have fun....he definitely enjoyed licking the coloured ice!

This was very easy.  Fill an ice cube tray with water.  Add a few drops of food colouring.  Freeze.  Give to baby! 
We tried this twice.  Once outside.  FAIL.  It was so hot that the ice quickly melted resulting in a very colourful and wet Emmett.
The second time was a rainy day and I had some cubes left over.  I stripped him down (do this...seriously don't skip this step!) and plunked him in his highchair.  I put down a disposable table cloth from the dollar store under his chair to protect the floor (I'd recommend not skipping this step also). 
This was much more successful than the first time. 
I gave him a piece of paper to "colour" which he didn't have as much interest in.  Once I removed it and just let him play on his tray he had a lot more fun....
I still kept it for the fridge...such a Mom
It kept Emmett busy for around 30 minutes.  We had quite the mess afterwards but it was worth it.
Also, Cloth Mamas....put a sposie on for this.  Trust me.
These activities were a lot of fun and a nice break from the normal.
I have two more activities ready to go for this week!
On a totally unrelated note: I returned to Girl Guides as a leader last week!  I was a Brownie leader at the same location for 7 years and took a break 2 years ago.  I had such a great time at the meeting last week and am so excited to be back.  I needed the break but I'm refreshed and full of new ideas!  Expect some Girl Guide updates/craft ideas on the blog periodically now as well!
I bought these slippers at Walmart a few days ago because they spoke to my inner Girl Guide...hehe...I can't wait to wear them to camp in a few weeks!  Emmett likes them as well!
Have you tried any sensory activities with baby?
Were you ever a Girl Guide/Scout?  For how long?

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  1. Thanks for the great ideas to try with baby! That is so cool that you are a Guide leader. I want to be one one day too! I was in Brownies, Guides and Pathfinders, so 9 years in total. (Sparks wasn't around until later.) If I have a girl one day I am totally enrolling her in Guiding!