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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Tushie Talk Tuesday: Stripping with Blue Dawn

Yeah, yeah.  I know it's not Tuesday...again.

Things have been crazy around here the past few weeks and unfortunately my poor little blog has been neglected!

I had to write this post even a few days late because every cloth diapering Mama NEEDS this info!

Tushie Talk Tuesday: Stripping with Blue Dawn

Yup, that's right.   You CAN strip your CD with dish soap.  It is also the best dang stripper you can use!

I've had a couple diapers lately that no amount of soaking in Rockin Green, Funk Rock or RLR could cure....

I've read lots of blogs, articles, etc. that suggest Blue Dawn works wonders.  Desperate and not quite willing to bleach the diapers just yet I decided to give it a shot.

Holy.  Freakin.  Moly.

The diapers are like new.  No smells, not stains (well some time in the sun is to thank for that also), nothing.  Zip.  Nada.

So.  You want to know how right?  Easy peasy.

1.  You must use BLUE DAWN.  Not apple scented, not unscented yellow.  Blue Dawn.  Don't know the science behind it....don't care.  it works.

2. Your diapers have to be clean.  Do a regular wash (you can skip the first rinse if you want - I did it just to be extra sure they were clean but skipped the second rinse).  Use your normal washing detergent.  They don't have to be dry - just clean. 

3. Add Blue Dawn.  For top loaders add 1 TABLESPOON, for front loaders add 1 TEASPOON.

4. Wash with lots of water

5. Rinse, rinse and rinse some more!  Keep rinsing until the suds are gone.  I needed 2 extra rinses and I have a top loader.  You may need more for a front loader (or top loader depending on the amount of agitation your washer provides). 

That's it!  You are welcome ;)

Some companies warranty may become void when using alternate cleaning solutions (blue dawn, bleach, etc.).  If you are concerned about the warranty on your diapers consult with the company prior to washing.

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