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Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Tushie Talk Tuesday: Why Emmett ditched his pants today

Today is an appropriate day for Tushie Talk.  Today we are not wearing cloth diapers.

Someone has been having tummy trouble today and we have changed poopy diapers approximately 8 times....yup.  EIGHT.

I wasn't dealing with that many poopy cloth diapers so I broke out the disposables!

We also ditched our pants today (well, Emmett did.  I wore mine).

I friggen love baby leggings.  They make diaper changes so much easier, especially when you are changing every hour.  I wish I had thought to put them on him as a newborn - would have made the constant changes so much easier!

We have something like 25 pairs of leggings...whoops...they are all super adorable though so that makes it okay?  I get them from juDanzy (which is what he is wearing in the photo) and Baby Leggings
I do not enjoy the way they look with disposable diapers!  Actually I don't enjoy disposable diapers at all!
I just ordered my first shipment from The Honest Company!  I'm pretty excited to try out this line (including some soaps, skin cleaners etc).  I will be sure to keep you in the loop about how that goes! 

Have you ever used baby leggings?

Do you have a favorite, natural company?

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