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Friday, August 9, 2013

Adventures in Mama Cloth: The Conclusion

Final warning.  I'm going to talk about periods....again.  If you don't want to read about them stop reading now!

I chose 3 North American companies to compare/review for my adventures in Mama Cloth: Lunapads. Tree Hugger Cloth Pads and Talulah Bean.  These are just 3 companies - there are lots more! 

I ordered each pad in the companies version of a "regular" size. 

Each of these companies does great things with the sale of each pad which is why I chose them.  You can read up on them by clicking on the links!

The approximate start up cost is based on 5 pad changes for 6 days assuming you wash every two days.

Please ignore the lousy photos in this post.  I'm tired and my computer is tired and photo editing just wasn't happening tonight!

3 products with their wings in "on" mode.  This is what they will look like in your underwear.  They are all similar in length.  They are all the same width.  The Lunapad has a traditional "pad" shape.  The Talulah Bean has a square shape but really conforms as required.  The Tree Hugger holds a square shape.
The Talulah Bean offers the largest amount of coverage in the "wing" area.
Each pad folds up nicely for discreet storage.
Cost: $16.99 (1 pad, 1 liner)
Approximate start up cost: $78 for Starter Kit
4.5 stars

My first impressions of the Lunapad weren't as optimistic as my other choices.  The pad is made from regular cotton (organic cotton is an option) and my others were minky.  I was also concerned about being able to feel the strap to hold in the liner. 
I was wrong.  I shouldn't have judged.
The Lunapad was my favorite.  I couldn't even feel it.  It was like wearing a disposable pad but without the crinkly noise when you move the wrong way!
I also love that each shell can be worn for a few hours and you simply change the liner (like an AI2 CD) as long as it doesn't oversaturate.  The shell must be worn with a liner.
The material in the Lunapad was very absorbent and I felt like it did the best job at wicking away moisture.
There were lots of fun prints, sizes and two fabric choices.
Negatives: Wasn't minky...but I think that worked to their advantage!
This one wrinkles if it isn't finished in the dryer.  It still functions though which is good as I prefer to hang dry cloth.
I wasn't a huge fan of any of the starter kits that the company has on their website.  I would have preferred and option to have just pads and extra liners.
Tree Hugger Cloth Pads
Cost: $24/2 pads ($12 each)
Approximate start up cost: $198 for start set OR based on 6 pads per day/laundry every other day (total 12 pads) approx. $144
Review: 3.5 stars
My first thoughts?  Awwww minky.  Then I realized. I can feel the minky.  I can feel this pad.  Yup, I'm wearing a pad.
It didn't get better.  Comfortable?  Yes.  But I could still tell I was wearing it.
At least it was super soft and fun....until it was time to change pads and I was really regretting purchasing a partially white pad.  Although I am happy to report that they did come out stain free.
I didn't feel like this pad was overly absorbent.  It seemed like everything the top. 
I did like the square shape because it offered a bit more coverage at the sides.
There are lots of fun prints/colours as well as a few fabric options.  They also offer coordinating wetbags for travel.
Talulah Bean
Cost: $11 USD
Approximate start up cost: $130 based on 6 pads per day washed every 2 days (12 pads total)
Review: 4 stars
Minky, minky, minky!!
This was without a doubt the softest, nicest material that has ever graced know ;).
You can tell by looking at and feeling this product that the company uses higher quality materials.  Even after a couple washes it still feels like new.
I found the more I washed this one the more absorbent it got.
This pad was so comfortable and soft and yet I could barely tell I was wearing it.
There are 3 fabric choices on the website, lots of size options.  They also make wetbags.  Unique to Talulah Bean is the "chilly bean".  It is a post partum ice pack that you just plunk on top of your pad for soothing relief.  Totally could have used that post partum!
I'm only knocking it down .5 star from being tied at first because the cost is a bit higher since it is in US dollars and being shipped from the states.  Otherwise I adore this one!
Congrats if you are still reading this!
My final thoughts?  Embracing Mama Cloth wasn't nearly as scary as I thought it would be.  I actually got the same pleasure as I do from my CD addiction.  And this one can be enjoyed long after the babe and any more to come are out of diapers...oh joy...oh bliss.
I will be stocking up on a few more pads from these companies and may even try the Luna Cup or Lunette!
Until next more period talk for a while ;)

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