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Thursday, August 8, 2013

Adventures in Mama Cloth: Part II

I am going to talk about periods again.  If you don't want to read then stop reading here.  Now. Just. Stop.

Mama Cloth was actually went a lot better than I thought it was going to!  I only used them at home and during the day.  I wasn't brave enough to test them out overnight and I have a hard enough time forcing myself to go out with CD much less Mama Cloth! 

To store the used cloths I swiped one of Emmett's Sling Sister wet/dry bags.  I stored the clean pads in the dry zip pocket and the used in the wet pocket.  I used the strap to hang off the toilet paper roll holder.

It was really nice to not be starting at the garbage pail.  If we had guests they wouldn't be the wiser that I had my period.  Nor was the dog.

I washed them with Emmett's diapers.  You could also wash with towels or other linens.  If they are sitting for a day or two before washing I'd recommend rinsing to avoid staining.  I used the regular Rockin Green I used on CD but they also make a version specially for Mama's!

I hung them to dry with Emmett's dipes but had I been throwing something into the dryer I probably would have put them in also.

I undoubtedly have my favorite brand and I will probably start making the switch to exclusive cloth over the next few months.  I think I might try out the cup too!

So what did I like/not like.  What brands offer what features/benefits?  Stayed tuned tomorrow for the conclusion of Adventures in Mama Cloth!

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