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Thursday, August 29, 2013

What Emmett Ate Wednesday

One day late this week! 

We had a few set backs last week with BLW.  A combination of Emmett having a cold with sore throat and being out and about a lot.  He didn't have much interest in solids while his throat hurt so we feed him puree - which I am guilty of giving him from a pouch.  We don't have purees on hand anymore and I just didn't have time to make them! 

Usually when we are on the go Emmett eats off our plates but that sometimes gets messy at restaurants so we occasionally give him a pouch instead.

He was slowly starting to accept he had to feed himself again until the teething pains started.  While he is eating he isn't eating much.  He is more interested with pushing food around on his tray and then throwing handfuls on the dog....

In addition to formula...
Breakfast:  1 Banana and half a thins bagel with cream cheese...he ate the banana
Lunch: Baby Gourmet - Pear & Garden Greens pouch.  He ate half - usually he eats the entire thing
Dinner - Chicken, veggies and a rice/lentil/quinoa blend
He ate all the chicken and a few veggies and rice.  The rest went on the floor. Hopefully he gets his appetite back soon!!

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