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Saturday, October 5, 2013

10 Month Must Have's

I can't believe I am writing this post....I have a ten month old.  10 MONTHS!  Is someone playing a joke on me?  Seriously, this isn't happening right?

I can't believe how fast the time is going!....I also realize that I skipped our 9 month must have's.  Perhaps I chose not to write one because I was in denial I had a 9 month old.

Well in honour of having a double digit baby I'm going to do a double digit post!  My 10 - 10 Month Must Have's for Emmett and my own personal 10 Mommy must have's (tomorrow)!

1. Aden & Anais Dream blanket

This blanket is amazing.  4 layers of soft, breathable muslin.  It is Emmett's new favorite crib blanket.   Mommy bonus?  Actually there are two! 

1.  It is light weight so I don't worry about him getting tangled or trapped in his crib with it
2.  It is big enough to snuggle under (A & A does make a grown up blanket which isn't available in Canada yet....once it bet I'm snatching one up!).

2. Nuby Monster Snack Keeper

Emmett is up to 3 meals and snacks a day.  This snack cup is great because he can grab the snacks himself without making a mess AND he thinks that it is a toy!

3. Hatley Rain Bundler
Emmett has a very wide foot and finding shoes to fit is a challenge.  I like Robeez because they are soft sided and the width is generous.
5.  Sippy Cups
Emmett still refuses to hold his own bottle.  He can....just won't...sigh....
He will use a sippy cup with a straw to drink water (no juice - hates it) however I can't trick him and put formula in it.  It's like he knows!
We use this one...
6.  Sorting toys.
Emmett tries so hard to fit the right shape into the right hole or match the right piece of a 3D puzzle to the board. 
We recently purchased a few of these to keep him busy.
7. Push toys
We have this one for my parents house:
And we have a Jeep for at home.  He loves walking around behind these! 
8.  Lovies.
Emmett is starting to develop favorite toys and items and notices when something is missing.  His current favorite is a Scentsy Buddy.  A Lion that we have named...Lion.  Original, I know.  And his minky blanket that Mommy made him. 

Tis the season for colds....nuff' said!
10.  I'm going to lump together all our medical things here.
Between colds, teething and upset tummy lately we have used the following frequently: Baby Vicks Gripe Water and Tylenol (which isn't actually Tylenol but the name of what we use is escaping me right now...and trust me it is driving me INSANE).
So there you have it!   Stay tuned for My Mommy must haves tomorrow!

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