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Thursday, May 23, 2013

Adventures with Fluff Bum!

I am a proud cloth diapering Mama.  Well, correction, I am a very proud PART TIME cloth diapering Mama.

We use cloth at home, except at nighttime.  Heck, disposables barely get us through Emmett’s long night sleeps!

I still haven’t found a system that I like when travelling so unless we are just running to the store and back we switch to a disposable. 

I have made it my goal to exclusive cloth (again, not at nighttime) by the end of the summer.  I figure between trips to the beach, camping, park and other day trips I don’t want to beat myself up because I didn’t achieve my goal over the summer!  Plus I don’t need to add sand and dirt to my already poopy diapers!

Most people thought I was crazy when I said this was the route that we were taking but it has worked out very well for us so far!
I have so much to say about CD!  I already have plans to blog about the following CD related amazing things:

1)      My stash – we use AIO, Pockets & One Sized.  This makes every very simple and so similar to using a disposable.  I have LOTS of brands and can’t wait to review a few for you!

2)      Laundering System – I think this is self-explanatory…and yes this post will be full of poop!
I assure you - these are clean!

3)      Getting started with CD

4)      Research of costs involved with both CD and disposables

I just love a fluffy bummed baby! 

Do you use Cloth Diapers?  What are your favorite or least favorite parts?



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