Google+ Adventures with Baby Boo Bear: Teething

Wednesday, May 22, 2013


As a first time Mom I know very little about teething.   Baby Boo has been showing signs of teething for the past few weeks.  The last few days in particular he has been miserable.  Just not himself.

Right now Emmett is:

·         Drooling.   I could fill a river with the drool he is supplying lately!

·         Chewing on EVERYTHING! 

·         Sticking his fist in his mouth looking for comfort

·         Has a bit of diarrhea (sorry TMI but hey, this is a baby blog you didn’t think there would be poop?)

·         Has bumps on his bottom gums

·         Restless naps and sleeps.  Went from sleeping 6:30-6:30 straight through to at least one or two wakes.

I have tried gripe water, natural teething drops, natural oragel and none seem to calm him.  Tylenol does provide relief.  I don’t like to give him too much but I can’t stand to see the little guy in pain.

It is so hard to watch him go through this!  I can’t wait until the tooth cuts so that he finally has some relief!

Do you have any tried and true teething solutions?

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