Google+ Adventures with Baby Boo Bear: Well hello everyone!

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Well hello everyone!

Oh my goodness I started a blog!

This is so exciting! I have forever wanted to blog. Prior to becoming a Mom I guess I just didn’t have enough to talk about that over a few days the idea dwindled and eventually the interest I had faded.

Things are so different this time! I am sure if you are a parent you can totally relate – once you have a child all you want to do is TALK ABOUT YOUR BABY!! To anyone that will listen! I could talk about Emmett forever. I keep talking long after people have stopped listening…maybe that should tell me something?

My other big blog blunder? Figuring out where to start blogging. What to start blogging about! How do you just start writing about, well, essentially nothing? Our book review blog was easy. Just start reading and reviewing! With the Adventures of Baby Boo Bear I have decided to do just that also…just start talking!

 Although, I guess this was kind of like a first post wasn’t it?

Ah well, deal with it! Until next time – the adventure continues!

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