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Monday, May 27, 2013

Weekend Recap

Weekends are usually pretty boring around here.  Craig often works them so our weekend ends up on which ever days of the week he is off!  This weekend Craig was off half and worked half.

Since it is a holiday for my American friends I am including Monday in my weekend recap!
My Mom & I signed up to take a Strip Quilt class on Saturday. 

This was my finished top!
Sunday, Emmett and I went to a BBQ for Craig's Mom's side of the family.  Emmett had only met most of them once before when he was less than a month old!  It was fun to watch everyone's faces as they interacted with Emmett and talked about much he has developed since then!

Emmett has been having a rough go the past few nights.  His teeth are just driving him nuts!  However, we started our Monday morning with LOTS of smiles!

Then we spent the afternoon here:

Looks like a fairytale garden, right?!  Nope.  It is my parents backyard!
Emmett spent time in his Grandma & Grandpa house exersaucer
and sticking his toes in the fish pond!
He wasn't too sure but Grandpa was there to keep him safe.  Emmett has already started to develop that special bond with all his Grandparents.  He is definitely a Grandpa and Poppa's boy!
We had a great weekend/Monday!  Can't wait until Thursday when our weekend with Daddy really begins!

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