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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Tushie Talk Tuesday: Diaper Review Series week 1

I decided to kick of the Diaper Review Series with my favorite diaper (I promise after this week I will not be going in order of favorites).

This week we will be reviewing:

Tots Bots Easy Fit
Made in Glasgow, Scotland

Emmett loves this diaper so much he is drooling over it!
When we were starting our stash my initial draw to this brand was the fun storybook character prints!  We currently have 4 Tots Bots in our stash.  I wish we had more!
Things I love:
The fit - these diapers fit Emmett better than any other diaper.  It has an extra long Velcro piece to ensure a great fit.  We have never had a leak in these guys.  Emmett also has super chunky thighs and these fit them very well.
They are trim!  Usually I'm stuffing his fluff butt into a pair of pants.  Not with these!
The prints - so cute.  We have their versions of Chicken Little, Hansel and Gretel, Jack and the Beanstalk and Superhero.
Rocking his Lickin Chicken diaper!
AIO - All in One
MINKY - I love minky!!  Emmett's bum loves minky!  Who doesn't love minky?
Things I don't love so much:
The insert doesn't get a great "stuff" after washing and because it's an AIO it is harder to adjust the liner for a perfect fit. 
The price is a bit steep at around $25 a diaper but honestly they are worth every penny.
Tots Bots get 5 stars from us!

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