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Saturday, July 20, 2013

I'm back! I'm back!

Ohmygoodness!!  The last few weeks have been crazy!  Craig's holidays crept up fast and next thing I knew it BAM they were here.

Here's a quick recap (let's call it my Weekend Recap for the week) of what we have been up to.  Time to get this blog back to normal.  Warning...this post is photo overload.

When we left off Craig & I had just purchased our new family fun mobile!  Our trailer!  Our first destination was Grundy Lake Provincial Park where we tested this baby out.  Verdict?  We LOVED it.  It was a change from tenting but I think at this point in our lives it is a welcome one.  It was so much easier to camp with Emmett having just a few extra luxuries.

Daddy & Emmett relaxing on our campsite.
Emmett turned out to be a fantastic camper and we can't wait to take him again in a few weeks.
My fantastic brother & sister in law welcomed us home from camping with a delicious summer dinner on the patio and a refreshing swim.  We also spent some time playing with their new pups (who are growing like weeds) and some snuggle time with ours.  We left Annie at home this trip so we could familiarize ourselves with camping with Emmett AND the trailer.
We spent Tuesday at the Toronto Zoo with Aunt Katie...but we forgot our camera so there are no photos!  It was crazy hot and the splash pad was a welcome break. 
Followed by Emmett's first night at the drive in.
We decided on a spur of the moment road trip to Niagara Falls to finish off Craig's holidays.

Emmett fascinated by the view...and the giant window.
Amazing views!
Emmett made huge progress with his eating habits while we were camping and in Niagara.  He is completely on finger foods or fork fed Mommy & Daddy's meals.  No more interest in puree in this house!  He loved eating off my plate at the restaurants in Niagara.
Of course we had a swim at the hotel's pool.  Emmett as usual loved the water.

Look at those blue eyes!
On the way home we stopped at a pick your own fruit farm - and a winery of course ;).  We picked a great day to go too!  Last day for cherries, first day for peaches!  Mmmmm.
EJ didn't quite understand why he couldn't eat the fruit.
Beat the Friday traffic and got home just before the crazy Ontario storm that hit and passed just in time to have dinner and drinks with some good friends!
Finally, we finished off today with a visit to Grandma & Grandpa's and a little tree climbing
Future environment saver!
And that is all!  What a crazy two weeks we have had!  See y'all Tuesday for Tushie Talk Tuesday's #2 in the diaper review series!

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