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Thursday, July 25, 2013

What's in my diaper bag: 2nd edition

I haven't done one of these for a while!  I feel like my diaper bag is getting fuller and fuller lately!  I thought it was supposed to get smaller as Emmett got older.

Now, if I am just running to the store for a quick errand or a walk around home we just grab a spare diaper, wipes and maybe a snack or bottle just in case.

We can call this the "almost 8 month old" diaper bag.  This is our actual diaper bag ready to go our for the day.  Most of the stuff is similar to the post I did a few months ago with some new additions!

Diapers...diapers...and more diapers.
I usually carry 3 CD with me or 2 shells and flip inserts if they are clean.  That white roll is a flip insert.  I don't have the flip shells I just use an unstuffed pocket.
I also have a wetbag and wipes.
I always have disposables in the bag just in case we run out.  They are usually attached to the wipes with my Wow Baby diaper strap anyways.

Burp cloth and spare outfit
While we have far fewer blowouts these days...we still have them!  Fortunately with the warm weather I can get away with just packing a spare onesie.

Food, snacks, meals, bottles...
Whatever you want to call it.  This is the most important part...according to Emmett.
For trips close to home I'm generally packing 2 8oz bottles (with the powder to make 3 or 4).  Today we also have vegetable Baby Mum Mums and yogurt drops.  Emmett isn't old enough for them yet but we follow watch the baby not the package!
If we were going to family/friends house we would have fresh fruit or veggies for a planned snack but these are easier to carry for just in case...or as bribery to keep him quiet!

Random stuff
With the nice weather I have been carrying a disposable swim diaper (for planned swims we use Bummi's CD) because you just never know!
We also have our Badger organic sunscreen.
Sippy cup.  Emmett loves water so fortunately I won't have to try and trick him into drinking it with juice!
Also Bamboo Baby toy/pacifier wipes because he LOVES to throw his toys on the ground and Bamboo Baby nose wipes...because he is still pretty congested.

Finally, the toys.
The remote goes everywhere with us.  It is a life saver.  Any toy that clips into our rings will travel!  I like using the rings because I just clip all the toys onto them and then snap it onto the diaper bag.

Sophie also goes everywhere with us.  We have two and generally leave one in each car.
Well that's it!  Our "almost 8 month old" diaper bag!
What items do never leave home without?
Is there anything that has been in your diaper bag from newborn stage?

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