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Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Tushie Talk Tuesdays: What's in our stash?

This can't be covered in one post!  You would be reading for days! 

I've decided to do a mini-series of posts for the next 9 weeks of "Tushie Talk Tuesday's" all about our stash!

I will be telling you what I like, don't like about each diaper.  If there is a reason I prefer one brand to another and if I have any tips or tricks I have for each brand. 

I will be talking about the following brands but not necessarily in this order:

Glowbugs - New design

Happy Heiny's
Bumgenius 4.0


Tots Bots

Bummis swim diapers

Lil Helper

Annnddd of course there is always the possibility I may acquire new brands to include (although I have been forbidden from any more fluff).

Continuing the Adventure!!!

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