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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

What My Parents Taught Me About Marriage

Tushie Talk Tuesday is getting pushed to Wednesday this week...and for good reason!

Today my parents are celebrating a very special wedding anniversary.  30 years.  30 freaking years!!

This isn't their wedding photo...I thought it was until the last minute and I realized it wasn't!  Oops!
 Before peers, reality shows, tabloids and experimenting our first exposure to adult relationships whether they are strong, broken or non-existence are from our parents.  My sisters and I are incredibly fortunate to have had such an amazing example set for us.

Whether from talking about relationships or just being a spectator to theirs for so many years I have learned a lot about marriage and love.

Share The Work

Although my Mom stayed home with us for many years my parents didn't really assume traditional roles in the household.  During the years my Mom stayed home and my Dad worked they may have but now in their retirement it isn't uncommon to see my Dad break out the vacuum or don an apron to bake a pie (sorry Dad) while my Mom watches football.

When my parents watch Emmett my Dad does his fair share, most, ALL of the diaper changes.

Marriage Is Hard Work

If it wasn't the divorce rate would be much lower.  After experiencing a heartbreak years ago my parents shared trials that they had gone through to encourage and support me.  They assured me that for the right person pushing through and working on problems would be worth it (for the record, they were right).

Never Stop Dating

My parents are always off doing something fun together.   There is often a photo posted to Facebook of the flowers my Dad picked for her from their gardens.  They have never settled or developed a rut because they have been married for so many years.

Be Friends With Your Partner

Share common interests.  Take interest in each others hobbies.

There Is Life After Kids

My parents always put us first.  They did not however let their relationship suffer because they were parents.  Now that they are retired and almost all of their kids have moved out soon it will be just them we have no worries about them finding things to do to enjoy each others company!

Money Isn't Everything

My Mom stayed home.  We lived a great life and were never without.  Nuff said.

If All Else Fails...drink wine...lots and lots of wine ;)

Or a martini...


  1. Awesome! Love love love this post! Congrats to your parents! You don't see that much anymore!

  2. They are such a great example! Everyone should be as lucky in love as them!