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Friday, June 7, 2013

Even MORE fluff mail is coming my way!

I don't want to make this blog entirely  about cloth diapers but I am so excited I just couldn't wait until Tuesday to share!

I say it all the time but I truly do have too many cloth diapers!! 

And now...I have 3 more on the way! 

In pursuit of a diaper that would stand up to Emmett's 10-12 hour, heavy wetting nights I ended up here. 

My initial attraction was to the Charcoal Bamboo cloth diaper.  These little babies are supposed to offer mammoth sized protection overnight! 

Next, I feel in love with this print...of course Emmett had to have one!


Thirdly, these guys are fricken funny!!  Their wicked sense of humour is plastered all over their site!  We all need a chuckle when dealing with poop! 

They are local to me, well close enough.  I love me a good local diaper!

Finally, and this was the clincher.   For every 3 diapers purchased at the end of the month they will donate 1 diaper to a family in need.  They also hold themselves accountable in their blog.  Amazing.  Best reason to shop there!

Now...I sit and wait for my dipes to show up so I can review, review, review!

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