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Sunday, June 23, 2013

Outdoors with Baby: Part II

Last time on Outdoors with Baby I talked about my concerns with taking my 6 month old outdoors for playtime.

Now that I have conquered my fears (sort of) it's time to explore!

I spent most of Emmett's early weeks healing, adjusting to involuntary sleepless nights and learning my way around this thing called parenting.  Fortunately it was -20 degrees Celsius and I was happy to be stuck in the house, snuggled and snowed in with my new baby boy.

I didn't have to worry about entertaining a baby to small for most outdoor activities.

Now that the sun is shining and Emmett and I have a routine we are always looking for new ways to get out and have fun!

1. Have a picnic!

Whether it be in your own backyard, at the beach or a park!  Emmett & I often throw a blanket down under a shady tree and play, sing and dance.  Sometimes both or one of us has a snack.  He loves the change of scenery from his highchair!  Bubbles are fun at picnics too!

Picnics are more challenging now that Emmett can crawl!
2.  Play at the park!
It may seem like the park is not designed for a 6 month old but we make it work!  Emmett loves the baby swings!  Mom or Dad help him down the slide.  He loves sitting on a teeter totter with us!
I still steer clear of the sand though!  Emmett's current mantra is hand meet mouth....don't need hand meeting sand!
Big smiles in the swing!
3. Water fun!
Emmett is a little fish!  He loves the water!  We bought him a 4 x 4ish hard plastic pool with a little slide for those hot, hot days!  Once the weather is a bit nicer we will start taking him to the splash pads too!  On crummy, rainy days we often head to the community pool for a swim!
Loving the water!
Don't forget even the smallest amount of water can cause a small child to drown.  Make sure baby is within arms reach or in arms (depending on age) at all times!
4. Go for a walk.
Good for baby, good for Mommy!  No further explanation needed.
Walking with Annie (our dog) and Emmett was a learning curve but we have mastered it!
5. Bring indoor toys outdoors
Exersaucer at Grandma & Grandpa's house provides lots of entertain in the shade!
The blue blob in the background is an awesome pop up shelter I got at Walmart for around $30!  I keep it in the car just in case we decide to have a spur of the moment beach or park day!
It has 3 walls so we can check out what is going on but keep the sun off Emmett's delicate skin and a floor to keep us out of the sand and dirt.
Remember to pack snacks, bottles, wipes, sunscreen, water, hat and change of clothes for your outdoor time!  Have fun!
Until next time...the adventure continues!


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