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Monday, June 10, 2013

Great Wolf Lodge with One under One

Craig and I have wanted to take a trip to Great Wolf Lodge (GWL) in Niagara Falls for a few years.  We almost went last year but decided a pregnant gal probably shouldn’t be cruisin down water slides or cooking in hot tubs!

True to the laws of nature two fish shall produce a fish.  By nature Emmett is a water baby.  We thought it would be a blast to take him.   At just 6 months old though would we be wasting our money?
The Google junkie in me decided to do some research.  Search as I might I found very little on taking a child under the age of 1 to GWL!  Many posters side noted that their youngster was in tow and had fun but nothing specific that would suggest this was too early to take him and just him or if it was a great idea.

So here we have it:

Location Review: Great Wolf Lodge and 6 Month Old Emmett
Disclaimer: I did not receive compensation or free product for this review.  These opinions are my own and were in no way influenced by the company.

I could write for DAYS about GWL and how amazing EVERY SINGLE detail is!  How much family fun is too be had at this over 100 000 square foot park of wet, wet fun!!
I won't.  No.  The purpose of my review is through the eyes of Emmett!

Yes, Great Wolf Lodge is designed for older kids.  However, there is plenty for your little one to enjoy!
From the moment we walked into the lobby Emmett was mesmerized.  The sights, the sounds!   Of course, his favorite was the giant fan on the ceiling!  Everywhere he looked something was moving or making noise!

These little critters greeted us at check-in!
Warm, comfy, cozy and real fire scent...even in summer!!
We probably could have spent our entire visit in the lobby and Emmett would have been happy.
**I want to apologize for the quality of photos in today's post!  Firstly, Emmett was too excited and squirmy to focus on the camera and secondly, to request the other guests privacy I did quite a bit of cropping.**
We had a GREAT room!  I glanced into a few rooms as we walked past and they were being cleaned.  I don't think you could have a bad room here!  Ours had a king bed, sofa bed, Jacuzzi tub and fireplace.  It also had this...
Perfect kitchenette with wet bar for travelling with a 6 month old! 
Most of the organized activities are for older kids.  As is the spa and arcade.   If your babe can make it up until about 9 there is a nightly story with Wiley, GWL's mascot.  Unfortunately Emmett made it until about 8:15 so we had to leave but those forest creatures had quite the sense of humour from what we saw!

Now.  Onto the good stuff...

The Water Park!!

Levels and levels of fun!  Each level has activity stations where you can pull ropes and turn wheels to soak those below you!
These levels are all baby friendly!!  Yes, baby will get wet so I wouldn't suggest this trip be your babes first time in the water!
Emmett loved exploring the levels of fun with Mommy & Daddy!  He particularly loved turning the wheels and watching the water fall.
Note: I would suggest testing the water first before you put babe underneath - the pressure in some areas is rough.
We had lots of fun in the shallow activity pool!  Emmett liked pulling the ropes and soaking Daddy.  He wasn't sure about the lazy river but got comfortable after a few laps!
Emmett was obsessed with all the fountains!  He loved trying to capture the water and sticking body parts into it.
I don't have any great pictures but there is also an activity pool approximately 3-4 feet deep.  It has a giant floating snake, toad, acorns and other fun things!  Emmett played in there for a while too!
Waterlogged and lovin it!
We spent around 1.5 hours at a time at the water park.  The water was cool but the air was nice and warm (I think they keep it around 85 F). 
There are so many pros here I can't even being to list them all!  Another bonus?  There are over 25 lifeguards on duty at all times!  Plus, if you don't have a life jacket they have them in all sizes!

The big con is that there are no slides that you can either go down together or help baby go down.  That would be a great addition!
To summarize things Emmett COULD do (remember he was held by one of us at all times):
* Shallow activity pool (Chipmunk Cove)
* Deep activity pool (Otter Lake)
* Lazy river  (Crystal River)
* Wave pool (Rainbow Lake)
* Outdoor Pool (Loon Lagoon) - **No photos because it was RAINING!!**
* Fort Mackenzie - Suspension bridges, spray stations, etc **You will need to be very careful through this area - floors are very slippery and teenagers are relentless**
Couldn't do:
* Slides
* Hot tub
* Frog Pond
Our advice:
* Bring lots of bottle/boob/water into the water park!  The temperature is very warm!
* Bring lotion!  The chlorine is STRONG!  Babes skin will dry out quickly.
* Bring your own towels - the hotel does provide them but they are pretty scratchy for babes skin
* Bring your camera but remember water falls from all levels!  If yours isn't waterproof carry it around in a towel.
* Take turns doing the grown up slides! 
* Get there early!!  Tables and chairs go quickly!
All in all we had a great time with Emmett!  He had so much fun, it was completely worth the money too go!  Craig took extra advantage of Emmett's nap times and ran down to the park for a few extra slides while I enjoyed the quiet of the room!
There are a handful of dining options right on site all with reasonable prices!  Northwoods Pizza Company will deliver pizza, wings and BEER to your room!  We got a medium pizza, 2 lb of wings and 2 beers for about $40!  Great option for those of us whose cubs start to act up around bedtime!
There were babies even younger than Emmett at GWL and everyone was having a great time.  Great Wolf Lodge IS suitable for your little baby!  We will be back in the near future, Emmett's 1st Birthday sounds good, maybe even sooner!!
Play hard, crash harder!
Until next time friends...the adventure continues!!




  1. We love GWL so much! We went for the first time last fall and then took advantage of a 20% off coupon and went again in April. My two and four year old love it and my husband and I have a great time too. Each time you go your little guy will be able to do even more fun activities. My four year old still talks about the talking tree and bedtime story shows!

  2. That is awesome! We are hoping to check out some of the US locations in the future as well. Such an amazing place! We can't wait until Emmett is older and can experience more!