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Monday, June 17, 2013

Weekend Recap

We had a very (unintentionally) eventful weekend!

Craig finished working nightshift Saturday morning....and so did I!  Emmett decided to revert back to his newborn days and was up ALL NIGHT LONG.  Not so fun.

I couldn't be mad for long because this happened Saturday afternoon....

Emmett's 1st hospital visit - outside of birth!
He had been having an unusual twitch, almost like a convulsion randomly for a few days.  I didn't think it was anything to be concerned about at first.  If I touched him or said his name he would respond and smile at me.  It would be over.
Finally, Saturday afternoon Craig saw what I was talking about and said he also thought it was just a twitch, nothing to be concerned about.
About an hour later he started doing it and shaking.  He wasn't responding to us talking to him but was alert.  We decided to play it safe and took him to the Emergency Room. 
The nurses and Doctor were able to see first hand what we were bringing him in for (relief - I was afraid he wouldn't do it).  They immediately eliminated a seizure (huge relief for us as that was our initial thought).  After checking his vitals, etc., they determined he was not in danger or distress.  Again, huge relief for us!  The Doctor said that it could be anything from something he has learned how to do, an involuntary twitch that will go away on it's own or it could be small seizures. 

So right now we still don't have an answer and have been referred to a Pediatrician for follow up.  The good news is that it wasn't life threatening.  Now as we wait for follow up I am struggling to avoid Dr. Google who warns of early warning signs for illnesses.
Saturday night with Emmett still his usual happy self, soundly sleeping I decided to get some work done for the Boutique.
Lots and lots of bibdanas!
I have also ALMOST perfected the shopping cart handle covers!  So excited to try them out this week!
Sunday was Fathers Day.  I sadly forgot my camera at home AND my cellphone battery was pooched.  Boo. 
Craig enjoyed some alone time with Emmett in the morning.  Opened his cards and got a book on baseball.  He's also getting his Emmett inspired tattoo as his gift. 
We had a visit with my Dad in the early afternoon.  Sat around and chatted.  We ate some delish cupcakes from Sugar City Cupcakes and Craig and my Dad enjoyed some of my Dad's new homebrew.
Then we were off to Orillia to celebrate Dad # 3!  Can't forget my brother in law, so Dad # 4 also!  We spent the afternoon swimming and eating.  Emmett loved playing with his cousins Chloe & Sophia.  Sophia is such a ham with him.  She is almost 6 and just loves playing with him!  He of course loves the attention!
They also just got two new puppies!  Who are super cute and curious at just 8 weeks old!  I wish I had my camera to capture the looks on Emmett's face when these fluffy creatures ended up in his lap, kissing his face, trying to eat his diaper (yuck!).  Hopefully my BIL got a few good shots!
Well that's it!  What should have been an uneventful Saturday and relaxing Sunday turned into a trip to the Emerg and some fantastic Father's Day celebrations!
As always...the Adventure Continues!!


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