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Thursday, June 6, 2013

Product Review: Glowbug Cloth Diapers

Disclosure: I did not receive compensation or free product for this review.  These opinions are my own and were in no way influenced by the company.

This citrusy sweet diaper holds a dear place in my heart...a diaper really??  Yup.  It was our very first cloth diaper.  One lovely, one sized, pocket diaper.
I had hear so much about this local company but no one I knew had tried them out.  I was hesitant to purchase such a large quantity of diapers (they are sold in package of 12 for $150 which includes a coordinating wet bag and inserts) without first trying one out.  Fortunately a limited edition diaper came out around that time so I snatched one up!
The day my very first fluff mail arrived I was over the moon.  I took that diaper everywhere to show too people.   Yup, the crazy pregnant lady and her diaper.
I immediately fell in love and ordered a boy package!
Just mere weeks after my diapers arrived Glowbug announced that they would be dropping the old patterns and releasing twelve new boy designs!!  I patiently waited each day for close to 24 days as they showed  a new print a day on facebook - and cursed each day a girl pattern was released!  I should note - I was still just pregnant at this point and already obsessed with fluff mail!
As we had purchased the remainder of our stash from other brands I decided I didn't need another 12 diapers no matter how cute they were.
Fortunately Glowbug knew the way to my heart!  They soon had a promo - buy a package and get a booster pack (6 dipes) free!!  Heck ya!!  This Mama put in her order!
My Glowbug stash is now 26 diapers (and growing)...
I am so passionate about these guys, I could gush about the company all day.  Okay, now onto the review!
Glowbugs are an All in One, One Sized Pocket Diaper - the blue monkey dipe is set on the smallest setting, the robots are on the largest.

Amazing design feature on these pocket dipes - the snap!
You simply unsnap the liner from the dipe and it will agitate out in the wash!  Most pocket diapers require you to stick you hand in and pull out the soiled liner prior to washing.

This picture shows a Glowbug vs a Bumgenius 4.0
Each is stuffed with 2 liners for added overnight protection.
Note how much bulkier the Bumgenius is. 

The Glowbugs are open at each end which allows for easy stuffing as well! 
I forgot to take a picture but the new design also features a hip snap!  This keeps the diaper from "winging". 
They are a great deal at $150 for 12 boy or girl patterns (and I've read on their facebook page that they are coming out with a unisex pack!).  Including a wetbag!  That is only $12.50 a diaper!  For a great piece of fluff that compares (and I prefer) to a $25+ Bumgenius!
Prep is super easy!  One wash and dry to increase absorbency and seal the PUL and you are ready to go.
The ONLY negative is I find the back flap moves up easily when the diaper is on the smallest setting pushing the liner up onto babies skin.  However, as he got bigger I find this isn't a problem anymore (or I've figured out how to fix it!).
These diapers are truly amazing as are the kind, friendly women behind this great company!
Make sure you check them out! 

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  1. Awesome! I'm so excited to see one in person...also can't wait to see the new design! Can't wait to hear your review on it!