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Monday, June 3, 2013

The Mom Stays in the Picture

I love this article. 

Lately it has been continually creeping up in my life.  In my Mommy blog, friends Facebook pages and discussions at playgroup.

It really hit home recently when a friends Mom passed.  She sent me a message reminding me that as much as everyone loves seeing pictures of Emmett on Facebook that there are few pictures of Emmett & I.  Someday those would be the pictures that he needs for comfort, memories or just a smile.

I am EXACTLY the  Mom described in this article.  Still struggling with post partum weight issues.  Constant exhaustion = no time for me to get ready.  Rushing out of the house because once again we are running late = no time for me to get ready.  Being uncomfortable in my 6 months after C-Section body.

Whether it be nothing fits, I don't feel comfortable in what fits, didn't have time to do my hair, no time for makeup.  Eyebrow waxing....I remember knowing what that was once.  There is always some excuse when the camera is brought up that I vanish from the room, hold Emmett up to cover my face or delete each picture because something looked funny.

As a result of these events I made two goals:

1. Use my camera more often. 

I am forever snapping pics of Emmett with my phone.  Why?  We have a fantastic Nikon SLR yet I choose cellphone camera quality.  (This goal also stemmed from nearly losing my phone and a major meltdown - I didn't care about the phone.  I cared about the hundreds of pictures lost!).

I am getting better at this!  Sometimes with the other 2399298 bags I run out the door with I'm lucky to remember Emmett much less my camera bag!  But I am getting better.

2.  Take more photos of Emmett and I

I HAVE been doing well with this.  Although I've been taking them on my iPhone...and not posting them.  I have been taking them.  I don't need to share them with anyone right now, I just need to know that they are there for me!


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