Google+ Adventures with Baby Boo Bear: The Pinterest Project

Thursday, June 13, 2013

The Pinterest Project

like, love, am ADDICTED to Pinterest

A few nights ago I didn't even realize how much time had I had spent, wasted pinning and pinning and pinning.  It really got me thinking about how often I actually USE what I pin!  Rarely!  Even though I have pinned some really awesome stuff.

I am still trying to develop regular features for the blog based on what my readers want to hear about and obviously I have to have enough to say and enjoy writing it!

I am going to try a new pin once a week for the next few weeks and see how it goes and come back here and tell you all about it!

I haven't done this one yet but I will today and tell you how I like it next time!


This guy is pretty simple but functional!  I wish I had a freezer on the bottom, fridge on the top fridge.  Shoulda, woulda, coulda.  To late now. 

I always forget about the crap I throw into the back and then it ends up going back.

This is a great idea!  Using a lazy susan in the fridge to make everything access!  Perfect since I have one sitting on my kitchen table that never gets used!

Are you on Pinterest?  Feel free to follow me!

Until next time...the adventure continues!!

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